The Tiquanda Dwarf Cave is located in the Tiquanda jungle, between Ankrahmun and Port Hope, the entrance is located here:

Dwarf Cave entrance

On the way to the entrance you will meet:
Snakes, Bats, Bugs, Wasps, Elephants and possible 1 lured Hydra.

You will meet Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard and Dwarf Geomancers in the mine. It is advisable to go in a group if you are a low level.

Hunting tips

Mages: they can hunt here from level 25 and up if they do not go down to the rooms with Dwarf Geomancers. They should use a wand or rod that deals Death Damage, Fire Damage or Ice Damage and use whatever strike spells that the dwarfs are weak against.
Paladins: they can hunt here from level 30 with around 60/50 skills to avoid too much of a risk and waste. Some decent equipment is required, like a Dragon Shield and preferable a Knight Set to be safe.

Dwarf Cave
NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Dwarf Soldier.gif
Dwarf Soldier
Dwarf Guard.gif
Dwarf Guard
165245140 Physical Damage
Dwarf Geomancer.gif
Dwarf Geomancer
265380210 (100 Physical Damage, 110 Earth Damage) + 80 Mana Drain


Tiquanda Dwarf Cave 1.pngTiquanda Dwarf Cave 2.png Tiquanda Dwarf Cave 3.png

First Floor Respawns
2 Dwarves and 1 Dwarf Soldier
Second Floor Respawns
Total of 17 Dwarves, 29 Dwarf Soldiers and 8 Dwarf Guards
Third Floor Respawns
A 2 Dwarf Soldiers and 3 Dwarf Guards
B 5 Dwarf Soldiers and 4 Dwarf Guards
C 3 Dwarf Guards and 2 Dwarf Geomancers
D 4 Dwarf Soldiers, 3 Dwarf Guards and 1 Dwarf Geomancer

4 Dwarf Soldiers, 3 Dwarf Guards and 1 Dwarf Geomancer


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