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Tibra holds a lot of knowledge on the Gods. She can heal you up to 65 hp and can also remove any harmful Status Conditions. She can also perform weddings. You can donate 15 gp to her in order to help maintain the temple.
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General keywords

Player: hi
Tibra: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim Player!

Player: job
Tibra: I am a priest of the great pantheon.

Player: life
Tibra: The teachings of Crunor tell us to honor life and not to harm it.

Player: mission or quest
Tibra: It is my mission to bring the teachings of the gods to everyone.

Player: name
Tibra: My name is Tibra. Your soul tells me that you are Player.

Player: queen
Tibra: Queen Eloise is wise to listen to the proposals of the druidic followers of Crunor.

Player: sell
Tibra: The grace of the gods must be earned, it cannot be bought!

Player: Tibia
Tibra: The world of Tibia is the creation of the gods.

Player: time
Tibra: Now, it is 11:51 pm.

Player: crypt
Tibra: There's something strange in its neighbourhood. But whom we gonna call for help if not the gods?

Player: help
Tibra: You aren't looking that bad. Sorry, I need my powers for cases more severe than yours.

Player: monsters
Tibra: Remind: Not everything you call monster is evil to the core!

Player: Excalibug
Tibra: The mythical blade was hidden in ancient times. Its said that powerful wards protect it.

Player: Ferumbras
Tibra: The fallen one should be mourned, not feared.

Player: Lugri
Tibra: Only a man can fall as low as he did. His soul rotted away already.


Player: Sins
Tibra: Do you wish to confess your sins, my child?
Player: yes
Tibra: So tell me, what shadows your soul, my child.
Player: I killed a deer (or whatever you say)
Tibra: Meditate on that and pray for your soul.


Player: donation
Tibra: Do you want to make a donation?
Player: yes
Tibra: May the gods bless you!

Gods of good

Player: gods
Tibra: The gods of good guard us and guide us, the gods of evil want to destroy us and steal our souls!

Player: gods of good
Tibra: The gods we call the good ones are Fardos, Uman, the Elements, Suon, Crunor, Nornur, Bastesh, Kirok, Toth, and Banor.

Player: Fardos
Tibra: Fardos is the creator. The great obsever. He is our caretaker.

Player: Uman
Tibra: Uman is the positive aspect of magic. He brings us the secrets of the arcane arts.

Player: air
Tibra: Air is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.

Player: fire
Tibra: Fire is one of the primal elemental forces, sometimes worshipped by tribal shamans.

Player: Sula (not mentioned as God of good)
Tibra: Sula is the essence of the elemental power of water.

Player: Suon
Tibra: Suon is the lifebringing sun. He observes the creation with love.

Player: Crunor
Tibra: Crunor, the great tree, is the father of all plantlife. He is a prominent god for many druids.

Player: Nornur
Tibra: Nornur is the mysterious god of fate. Who knows if he is its creator or just a chronist?

Player: Bastesh
Tibra: Bastesh, the deep one, is the goddess of the sea and its creatures.

Player: Kirok
Tibra: Kirok, the mad one, is the god of scientists and jesters.

Player: Toth
Tibra: Toth, Lord of Death, is the keeper of the souls, the guardian of the afterlife.

Player: Banor
Tibra: Banor, the heavenly warrior, is the patron of all fighters against evil. He is the gift of the gods to inspire humanity.

Gods of evil

Player: evil
Tibra: The gods we call the evil ones are Zathroth, Fafnar, Brog, Urgith, and the Archdemons!

Player: Zathroth
Tibra: Zathroth is the destructive aspect of magic. He is the deciver and the thief of souls.

Player: Fafnar
Tibra: Fafnar is the scorching sun. She observes the creation with hate and jealousy.

Player: Brog
Tibra: Brog, the raging one, is the great destroyer. The berserk of darkness.

Player: Urgith
Tibra: The bonemaster Urgith is the lord of the undead and keeper of the damned souls.

Player: archdemons
Tibra: The demons are followers of Zathroth. The cruelest are known as the ruthless seven.

Player: Ruthless Seven
Tibra: I dont want to talk about that subject!

Player: bye

Tibra: Good bye, Player. May the gods be with you to guard and guide you, my child!

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