Tibianus II was the fourth king of the Thaian Kingdom, after succeeding his father Yorik II. He is a direct descendant of Banor, the first human. Tibianus II kept in line with all his royal ancestors by continuing to expand the kingdom. After entitling the valiant Nightmare Knights to a substantial stretch of land on the Plains of Havoc, he directed his attention northeast from there. Here, he found a great swamp and saw many opportunities for a thriving city to be built. Therefore, he sent criminals and merchants to these marshes to help construct a town, which he called Venore. To enable Venore to prosper as much as possible, Tibianus II did something his grandfather Yorik I would have despised: he allowed gambling in this young city. This decision and many others he made did have the desired effect, though: Venore kept on growing in wealth and grandness under his rule.

When Tibianus II died, he was succeeded by his son Xenom.

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