This book critiques Tibiantis (Book).

Tibiantis: Fact and Fiction

In the light of progress made my modern science the tales of Tibiantis can be cheerfully disregarded as blatant myths. The author of this questionable history merely drew upon several myths and mixed them together to create a tale plausible to those given to believe such romantic nonsense. The recently discovered, or more accurately, recently rediscovered, city of Yalahar is very obviously a major inspiration for the story of Tibiantis. Aspects of the story can be found in actual fact in Yalahar - the city itself is huge, and also extended its borders beyond the land into the sea, and judging from what can be found there, was most definitely at some point in its past a city that was home to great wonders, whose inhabitants were in possession of great knowledge. However, one of the great mysteries of Yalahar is whether in actual fact those that live there are even human or another race, until recently unknown amongst the Tibian civilisations. The aspect of the story of Tibiantis referring to the downfall of a civilisation could be influenced by many different myths. One such source could be based upon the discoveries made far to the North of Tibia which suggest the possibility of a civilisation that was wiped out by an as yet unknown catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions. Equally, to the extreme south of Tibia can be found the Shattered Isles. These Isles were so named with good reason - geological studies conducted by the Explorers' Society reveal that these isles did not so much sink but were blasted by a phenomenal explosion of some kind. Relics found upon the Isles also hint that they were once populated by a great and most likely advanced civilisation. It is the sad fate of these isles to be the home of the infamous Quara. It is these twisted creatures who probably provide the origin of the myth's fish people. In summary, I believe I have gathered enough proof here to dispell any reason for believing the tale of Tibiantis, and have proven it to be nothing but a conglomeration of ancient stories and legends which an overly ambitious and half informed so-called historian has put together into a new myth of his own making, in order to gain cheap fame by hoodwinking a gullible and uninformed public.

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