This book is critiqued in Tibiantis Critique (Book).

Fat green book is found in Carlin;
Grey small book is found on the Isle of the Kings.

Somewhere to the South of the city which nowadays is known as Carlin, could once be found an isle, believed to be the cradle of human civilisation. Here, the first Tibians saw the light of the two suns and founded the first Kingdom. It grew to be a place of wisdom and wonder. Under the guidance of the Gods, humanity prospered in terms of wealth and knowledge to heights that no other civilisation has reached before or since. This city was called Tibiantis, and it grew beyond the bounderies of the land, spreading into the sea itself. Wonder upon wonder could be found in this city of ivory and gold. Explorers from Tibiantis braved the oceans and built outposts in the farthest reaches of the world. It is said of the denizens of this wonderful city that the elements themselves were at their beck and call and that no foe was strong enough to oppose them. However, they grew complacent and self satisfied, forgetting that everything they were and everything they had built up had been done only because they were favoured of the Gods. Eventually, they forgot their Gods, believing instead that they were the masters of the world. The Gods were saddened as they watched those who had made them so proud turn their backs upon them, and turned their eyes from them. Without the protection of the Gods, the city of Tibiantis was doomed. Its wealth and arrogance made it an irresistable target for the forces of evil. Their day of reckoning came - the Isle was sunk, the beautiful sculptured architecture of the towers of ivory and gold crumbled and the citizens drowned, the achievements and inventions of the civilisation lost forever beneath the waves. Only the highest tip of the highest mountain of the isle remained as a tiny island, a pitiful memory of the greatness that once existed here. Legends state that this isle cannot be reached by normal means. The versions of the legend vary - some claim the isle is inhabited by diabolic creatures ensuring Tibiantis may never rise again and others state that benevolent messengers of the Gods live there and mourn for the lost children and warn others of the fate that threatens those who forget their Gods. The city itself rests on the lowest point of the ocean floor, and those inhabitants who were unfortunate to survive were twisted into abominal sea creatures. The colonies and outposts of Tibiantis did not survive the downfall of their home for long. They fell prey to the numerous enemies their people had made and who no longer feared retaliation. Only a few of their inhabitants survived to found new cities in remote places. Though they forgot their heritage they finally grew in numbers and created new cities and kingdoms, some of which still thrive in the present day.

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