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In Tibia, there are supreme beings called Gods. Three (or four) Gods are the first ones:


The Elements were created from the body of Tibiasula:


When the Gods united themselves with the elements, the semi-gods were created:

Lesser Gods

Some lesser gods have also been created:

Other Gods

These gods are recognized by smaller groups of believers

Cavemen Gods

  • Fasuon
  • Krunus, plant god
  • Pandor, warrior god

Corym Gods

Three different gods are known to be followed by some of the Corym

  • Big Cheese
  • Rat God
  • Snake God of Death


Some mortals in Tibia are believed to have ascended to become gods or to a higher god-like state.

Celestial Paladins

Some elves believe that seven lords acquired the status of Celestial Paladins and therefore are godlike beings, although others worship the raw elemental powers

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