Tibiadrome is an arena implemented with Summer Update 2021 that was created to replace Monster Arena. There you can prove your combat skills in fights against creatures which get progressively harder. It was first presented to players through a Dev Note on February 10, 2021.


There are five Tibiadrome areas. Their entrances are near the Duelling Arenas:


Progression and Restrictions

The difficulty of a fight in the Tibiadrome scales via two factors: group size and current wave level. The more players participate in the fight, the more creatures spawn in a wave, and the higher the wave level, the stronger the creatures are. A maximum of five players can enter the arena at the same time, and at least level 50 is required for each participant. The monsters which spawn are unique to the Tibiadrome, and each represents one gameplay archetype. Each wave lasts a maximum of 120 seconds, in which all the monsters have to be killed to advance to the next wave.

Your starting level signifies on which wave you will begin when entering a fight. Once you have beaten a wave, your drome level and starting level will be raised by one. If you are entering as a group, the lowest starting level of any participant will determine on which wave you start. Once a rotation is over, the drome level of all players will be reset to zero and their starting level will be reduced by five.

Since the Tibiadrome is a special environment, certain rules outside of it do not apply here. There is no death penalty, and mana, health and spirit potions, as well as runes, bolts, and arrows will not be consumed when used. There is no stamina drain and skill or level progression inside the Tibiadrome, and spells which cost soul points are deactivated.

Once someone has left a Tibiadrome fight, there is a 60-minute cooldown to re-enter it.

Combat and Preparation Phases

Between each combat round (lasting a maximum of 120 seconds), a 8 second preparation phase takes place. The amount of players determines the amount of monsters in each round:

  • 1 player: 4 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 4.00 ∶ 1)
  • 2 players: 8 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 4.00 ∶ 1)
  • 3 players: 11 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.67 ∶ 1)
  • 4 players: 14 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.50 ∶ 1)
  • 5 players: 17 monsters (i.e. a monster-to-player ratio of 3.40 ∶ 1)

Note that you can only go with players in your Party Experience Share range. This is to prevent high level characters from "carrying" lower level characters to high ranks for easy Drome points farming.

Creatures in Tibiadrome will progressively get stronger and have a bigger health pool as you advance through waves. Their health points are determine by the following formula:

These creatures are randomly selected out of a pool of five different monsters that each have a distinct combat role. The monsters are:

Name Base HP Combat Role
750 Physical DamageEnergy DamageHoly DamageLife DrainMana Drain Support melee that increases the damage output of all monsters
Multiple Domestikions stack their buff.
800 Fire DamageIce Damage Ranged with Aoe spells and high damage spikes
850 Death Damage Ranged with consistent single target damage
1100 Physical DamageParalyze Tanky melee
950 Physical DamageEarth DamageInvisibility High single target damage melee

Combat Modifiers

There are a number of combat modifiers which trigger certain effects, thus raising the difficulty of the encounters and creating an additional challenge. At the beginning of a rotation, which lasts two weeks, two modifiers are randomly selected which are the same across all game worlds and are active in all waves during this period. Below are listed all possible modifiers:

  • Somersault: All melee monsters have a 15% chance to teleport to the furthest player.
  • Going Down With Me: Upon death, monsters trigger an AoE that hits the lasthitter and all players around him for 40% of their current hp.
  • Exploding Corpses: Monsters explode in an AoE upon death, hitting all players around them for 25% of their current hp.
  • That Escalated Quickly: Monsters that drop below 25% increase their power as if they were 5 wave levels higher.
  • The Floor is Lava: Every 15 seconds 100 random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds they deal damage equal to 60% of the current hp of players standing on them. Lava Puddle
  • Beam me Up!: Every 15 seconds 100 random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds all players on them will be teleported to a random position in the arena. Teleporter Vortex
  • Tanked Up: Every 15 seconds 100 random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds all players on them will be superdrunk for 10 seconds. While superdrunk, damage taken is increased by 10%. Foul Puddle
  • Sown Sorrow: Every 20/17/14/11/8 seconds, depending on the number of participants, a seed will spawn. If no player steps on it within 6 seconds it will explode and fear all players for 2 seconds. While feared, damage taken is increased by 15%. Sorrow Seeds
  • Bad Roots: Every 20/17/14/11/8 seconds, depending on the number of participants, a seed will spawn. If no player steps on it within 6 seconds it will explode and root all players for 3 seconds. While rooted, damage taken is increased by 25%. Root Seeds


Players who have beaten at least one wave in the rotation will receive 10 * dromeLevel drome points after the rotation ends. Drome points can be exchanged for the following decorative items, cosmetics, and mount.

Reward Drome Points
Arena Badge Replica.gif
Arena Badge Replica
Brown Pit Demon.gif
Brown Pit Demon
Green Pit Demon.gif
Green Pit Demon
Blue Pit Demon.gif
Blue Pit Demon
Drome Cube.gif
Drome Cube
Plushie of a Domestikion.gif
Plushie of a Domestikion
Plushie of a Hoodinion.gif
Plushie of a Hoodinion
Plushie of a Mearidion.gif
Plushie of a Mearidion
Plushie of a Murmillion.gif
Plushie of a Murmillion
Plushie of a Scissorion.gif
Plushie of a Scissorion
Black Pit Demon.gif
Black Pit Demon
Red Pit Demon.gif
Red Pit Demon

Moreover, the players ranking among the top 20 in the leaderboards receive a certain amount of randomly selected new potions after a rotation, depending on how well they fared. The distribution works as follows:

  • 1st-5th place: 3 potions
  • 6th-10th place: 2 potions
  • 11th-20th place: 1 potion

In case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the XP that the characters had at the time of reaching the highest drome level, with having lower XP being better.

Additionally, a number of potions, represented by 20% of the remaining participants up to a maximum of 50, will be raffled among themselves. The chances of winning a potion this way are based on the participant's drome level. The higher the drome level is in comparison to their competitors, the higher the chance to win. These potions either have a onetime effect or last 1 hour, and each has their own individual cooldown of 24 hours. They are:

Potion Description
Kooldown-Aid Kooldown-Aid.gif Resets cooldowns for all spells
Strike Enhancement Strike Enhancement.gif Increases critical hit chance by 5% for one hour
Stamina Extension Stamina Extension.gif Fills up stamina by one hour (but not above the maximum)
Charm Upgrade Charm Upgrade.gif Increases offensive charm trigger chances by 5% (except Cripple) for one hour
Wealth Duplex Wealth Duplex.gif Doubles the loot from every regular monster you kill for one hour
Bestiary Betterment Bestiary Betterment.gif Makes kills count twice for the Bestiary for one hour
Fire Resilience Fire Resilience.gif Increases protection by 8% for one hour
Ice Resilience Ice Resilience.gif
Earth Resilience Earth Resilience.gif
Energy Resilience Energy Resilience.gif
Holy Resilience Holy Resilience.gif
Death Resilience Death Resilience.gif
Physical Resilience Physical Resilience.gif
Fire Amplification Fire Amplification.gif Increases damage by having your attacks and spells treat the targets sensitivity as being 8% higher for one hour
Ice Amplification Ice Amplification.gif
Earth Amplification Earth Amplification.gif
Energy Amplification Energy Amplification.gif
Holy Amplification Holy Amplification.gif
Death Amplification Death Amplification.gif
Physical Amplification Physical Amplification.gif

Those who have made the top 5 in a rotation will also receive a temporary Character Title which will last until the next rotation ends.

Current and Next Rotation Info

With the exception of the first Tibiadrome's rotation, which started on a Monday, all rotations start (and end) at the Server Save of every other Wednesday. Note that the starting (and ending) day of a rotation is not affected by Server Resets. The table below shows the current rotation, how long ago it started, and how long left for the new rotation to begin.

Current rotation #29
Current rotation started 0 days, 9h, 43 min ago
Next rotation starts in 13 days, 14h, 17 min


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