The Tibia Tales are a collection of quests that take place all over Tibia.


All over Tibia


many creatures in Tibia


Various items and valuables.

The Tibia Tales are a collection of quests. Not all of them have a direct relation with each other and most are just small assignments given by various NPCs in assorted towns and places. They are united in the same article due to their placement in the quest log - they are all listed together under "Tibia Tales".

To begin with, the missions assigned to you may be handed out by higher charges of the Tibian authority, or sometimes by someone just needing a hand.

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Against the Spider Cult Quest 42? 45 Edron Orc Cave Terra Amulet
An Interest In Botany Quest 0 50+ Farmine, Zao Wailing Widow Cave 1,000 gp, Sedge Hat, 3000 exp.
Arito's Task Quest 0 20 Ankrahmun and Kha'Zeel 50 Platinum Coins
Hidden Threats Quest 0 50 Corym Mines. 2 Gold Nuggets, 1 Small Ruby, 1 Small Emerald and 1 Small Amethyst.
Into The Bone Pit Quest 35 35 Thais, Ancient Temple Death Ring
Jack to the Future Quest 0 10 Edron Piece of Marble Rock, 6,000 Experience Points and the Achievement Truth Be Told or You Don't Know Jack.
Koshei the Deathless Quest 40 70+ Darashia Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Blue Legs (also 50 Platinum Coins, but you will need to sacrifice this exact amount before you can get the reward).
Lion's Rock Quest 0 70 Lion's Rock near Darashia. Achievement Lion's Den Explorer. Random item out of the following: The Lion's Heart, Gold Ingot, Yellow Gem, Red Gem, Giant Shimmering Pearl (Brown), Emerald Bangle.
Machinery of War Quest 50 50+ Thais, Orc Fortress 1,000 exp for each mission, 2,000 exp once you have achieved the highest rank.
Nomads Land Quest 0 15 Ankrahmun, Kha'labal 50 Platinum Coins, Jewel Case (Nomad), The Sacred Casket (Book), 2 Small Sapphires.
Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest 0 15+ various locations in tibia, starts at any city guide. all blessings with 1000 gold discount (once only), 20 platinum coins.
Research and Development Quest 0 35+ Edron 500 experience points, 500 experience points, Achievement: Guinea Pig.
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest 0 25+ Edron 5 Health Potions, 5 Mana Potions
Spirithunters Quest 0 70+ Edron, Ghostlands, Drefia or Mount Sternum Undead Cave or Dark Cathedral, Vengoth Castle or Vandura Mountain or Yalahar Cemetary Quarter, Deeper Banuta or Zao. Varies depending on chosen difficulty:
1,000 exp and 500 gp for the simplest task (Ghosts).
3,000 exp and 1,500 gp for the more challenging task (Nightstalkers).
10,000 exp and 6,000 gp for the toughest task (Souleaters).
Also the achievement Afraid of no Ghost!
Steal From Thieves Quest 0 20 Ankrahmun 100 Brown Mushrooms, 100 Gold Coins
The Cursed Crystal Quest 0 90 Crystal Gardens near Nargor. Crystal Shard and an Eye Patch, a Peg Leg, a Hook or a Pirate Backpack, achievement Wail of the Banshee
The Exterminator Quest 0 20+ Carlin sewers Small Sapphire, Small Ruby, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest 61 61 Sea Serpent Area, Svargrond Access to Sea Serpent Spawns.
The Spirit Will Get You Quest 0 130+ Souleater Mountains in Zao, near the Zao Rebel Camp. 50 points of experience per level you have, and the ability to obtain the addons of the Wayfarer Outfits.
The Ultimate Booze Quest 0 10 Venore, Kazordoon Light Shovel, 10 Platinum Coins, 100 Experience Points
To Appease the Mighty Quest 30 30 Darashia, Ashta'daramai, Mal'ouquah 20 Platinum Coins
To Blind the Enemy Quest 0 50+ Ab'Dendriel 10 Platinum Coins, Elven Amulet
To Outfox a Fox Quest 0 35 Dwarf Mines Mining Helmet, ability to start the Turmoil of War Task.
Top of the City Quest 0 40 Yalahar, Former Trade Quarter. 10 Heaven Blossoms.
Tower Defence Quest 0 10+ Carlin, Femor Hills 50 Shiver Arrows, 50 Earth Arrows, 50 Flaming Arrows, 50 Flash Arrows
Treasure Hunt Quest 35 (The Shattered Isles Quest) 60+ Liberty Bay, Edron, Tiquanda, Nargor and more. 3 Gold Ingots, Bejeweled Ship's Telescope.
Troll Sabotage Quest 0 10 Edron. Elvenhair Rope or 200gp and Jerom's Family Necklace.