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Please note that we can not guarantee the security of the link(s) on this page. Don't visit them if you feel suspicious. became a supported fansite on November 18, 2008 and a promoted fansite on April 14, 2010. As of February 4, 2013, TibiaRP is closed.

TibiaRP was a growing Promoted Fansite of Tibia focused on the art of roleplaying. It was originally founded by Zanko on April the 26th - along with Graf de la Fere and Venomous Lizard (Silven). The fansite offered the usual articles, interviews, screenshots and news along with several unique features such as a roleplaying inventory, a Weirdiary, a Tibian Opinion section and NPC interviews to name a few. There was also a large forum to chat, roleplay and take a part in discussions.

Although TibiaRP's original purpose was only roleplay, it has evolved to focus more-so on content, events and competitions. The site aimed to hold a competition every month while regularly supporting in-game events with Hand Puppets. The fansite was administrated by Zanko and Ren of Heaven (Ren) with Emilian Silverhope as a technical administrator. As of 2011 Ren of Heaven (Ren) was the new fansite contact person.

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