Tibia Micro Edition or TibiaME is the first online role playing game for mobile devices. It was based on Tibia, and was launched on May 20, 2003 by CipSoft GmbH. It has 50,000 players spread on 30 game worlds. Its official webpage is There is also a wiki about it on Wikia, here.
When you create a character, you choose between 2 classes (vocations) - warrior and wizard. Each class is able to learn 30 different skills (spells). There are more than 150 monsters and 200 quests.

TibiaME has two client styles - Classic and HighRes (High Resolution).
There are Classic clients for J2ME, J2ME Motorola, J2ME Basic, J2ME Basic Motorola, Series 60 and S60v3; there is also a Classic Blackberry Beta client.
There are HighRes clients for S60v3, S60v5 and iOS (iPod touch, iPhone & iPad); there is also a HighRes Android Beta client.

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