Since Tibia started, players have created ways to say some words easier and faster. This is considered anti-roleplaying, but most people use these abbreviations in everyday conversations.

There are some roleplayers that refuse to use these words and even refuse to use chat channels. Instead they will use the default channel (if they are standing near the other person), or write letters to converse with a player that is further away.





ISO 639 / 3166 codes: real life language / country / ethnicity

ISO 3166 and ISO 639 document standards for shorthand country / language names. These are used for many applications (on the Internet especially), and as such, Tibians have largely adopted the same standards. Note that it can be used both as an adjective (a pl guild - a Polish guild) and a noun (a br - a Brazilian); further, it is often used by natives to inquire about other players' nationality. A Brazilian is likely to ask thus, "br?", asking whether the correspondent is from Brazil or speaks the language spoken there (i.e. Portuguese). Note too that it is unlikely to hear Americans, Canadians, Australians, or many Europeans asking. The reason lies in the education systems around the world, i.e. there is either a lack of English education in some areas or there is not enough foreign (non-English) language taught.

This is not a complete list, as there are too many nations to cover. For additional codes see The official ISO 639-1 code list.

Tibia and Game Specific Slang

  • ##/## - Two Numbers that means your Skills.(Melee/Shielding for Knights and Distance/Shielding for Paladins.
Example: 45/50 means 45 for attack skill (depending on the type of weapon you use) and 50 for shielding skill.
  • #k - A number Multiplied for 1000, normally used with Money, but also used to refer to experience points (usually how many to go for next level) or weight of a large loot bag in ounces.
Example: "I have 2k gold" means the person has 2000 gold.
  • Aff - Either "away from friends" (a thread, I will get you when you are alone) or an expression of annoyance, mainly used by Brazilian players.
  • Arm - Armor Value of an armor
  • Atk - Attack Value of a weapon, also used to tell other players to attack a monster/player
  • b - move Back (usually repeated)
  • Bleed or Blood Hit - Succesful hit to a monster (when it loses HP)
  • Bot - A Cheat program that violates the Tibia Rules. See botter.
  • Bug Spray - Groundshaker
  • Bk - The act of killing a botter.
  • Cap - Capacity
  • craw - No actual literal definition However it is a reference to sexual activity.
  • Char - Character
  • CIP, Cip - CipSoft GmBH. Developers of Tibia
  • CM - Community Manager
  • Cavebotter/botter - Player that uses a cheat, often a macro. See bot.
  • Def - Defense Value of a weapon or shield
  • Dist - Distance Skill
  • Dmg - Damage caused by a Monster or a Player
  • ED - Elder Druid
  • EK - Elite Knight
  • Eq - Equipment
  • Exp - Experience Points
  • Facc, Free - Free Account
  • Freeze - Happens when the Tibia Client freezes and you later can see the "history" of what that happend when you were in "freeze mode". Caused by problems with your connection. See "lag".
  • Fur Factory - Banuta.
  • GC - Game-Chat,or Guild-Chat
  • GM - Gamemaster
  • GH - Guildhall
  • HP - Hit Points, Health Potion
  • HRH - His Royal Highness, usually referring to King Tibianus.
  • IRL - In Real Life
  • Kick, Lag Out - Get disconnected from the Game
  • KS - Kill Steal
  • Lag - When your Tibia Client slows or halts
  • Level or -ing (as a verb) - to increase your Level
  • Mountfit - portmanteau of Mount and Outfit.
  • MS- Master Sorcerer
  • Post Genesis (p.g.) - refers to the period of time the follows the genesis of Tibia.
  • RP- Royal Paladin

General Internet Slang

  • AFG - Away From Game (Used when the player is on a different screen)
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard or A Free Kill
  • Aka - Also Known As "I am with"
  • ASAP - As soon as possible
  • Atm - At the moment or At this moment
  • Baba, bai, bb , bay - Bye
  • BRB - Be Right Back
  • BTW - By the way
  • Cya, Cu, Ciao, See ya - See you (later)
  • FFS - For F***s Sake.
  • FTW - For The Win, can also mean "F*ck the world" although that's rarely used.
  • FU - F**k you
  • GL - Good luck
  • Gratz, grats, grtz, gz- Congratulations
  • GTG, G2G - Got To Go
  • Hai, Hay, Hey,Yo - Hello (Greetings)
  • HF - Have Fun
  • Idk - I don't know.
  • Idn - I donno.
  • Idc - I don't care.
  • IMHO - In My Humble Opinion, can also be In My Honest Opinion
  • k - Ok
  • kk = Ok ok
  • KTHXBYE - Meaning K-THX-BYE, in other words Okay, Thanks, Bye. Used when you want to end a discussion fast.
  • L8r - later
  • Nvm - Nevermind

Emoticons (Smileys)

  • :), =), Smiley face, Happy, Chuckle.
  • :D, =D Large Smile.
  • ƒ:D, ƒ=D Large smile with disco hair (hardly used)
  • :/, =/, :\ or =\ Dissappointed, slightly upset.
  • :(, =( Sad, very dissappointed.
  • ;) Winking.
  • :'(, ='(, T_T, ;-; Crying
  • :P, =P Sticking out tongue.
  • ;P Sticking out tongue while winking.
  • :O, =O Surprised (the bigger the mouth, the more surprised the player is)
  • :*, =* Kiss.
  • ^_^ Smiley face, happy.
  • -.- Angry, mad or tired.
  • -.-' Slightly dissapointed or embarrased.
  • ^^ Raised eyebrows, surprised, astonished. Or, just the eyes from the ^_^ face.
  • -_-, --, --' Annoyed (effect can be increased with adding a ", -_-").
  • <3, k3 or s2 Love.
  • ^_- or ^.- Single raised eyebrow, usually means upset
  • \o/ "I need a hug" or "wohoo". Also the rock-on sign

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