Tibia ball league was first "invented" on Antica by the guild Mercernary who hosted these games at Fibula. One of the first TBL games that theres still screen shots of was played in 2003, there have been tournaments ever since with exceptions of war and such. In the earliest years the prizes was supplied by the CiP team and means TBL is a cause there is even more rares on Antica

Rules etc about the game(From mercernarys guild page):

  • The games start on xxxxxxxxx at xxxx CET in the Gamehall in Thais.
  • The field: The Field has a 9x9 fields interior. 2 goals, 3 fields width, 1 field depth.
  • Game time: 2x5 minutes.
  • A teams consists of 4 players. 1 substitution is possible.
  • Players are not allowed to change their outfits during the match.
  • Only 1 team is allowed to represent its guild for the TBL.
  • 5000gp as the team/guild joining fee.
  • All kind of physical or magical attack leads to disqualification.
  • Some certain spells will be forbidden again like in the years before. If still used they will be punished with 2 goals for the opponent:
         ** Haste and Great Haste.
         ** Invisibility.
         ** Summon spells (Convince Creature, Summon Creature, Undead Legion, Animate Dead).
         ** Creature Illusion.
         ** Chameleon.
         ** Paralyze.
         ** All kinds of walls and fields, Wild Growth.
         ** All attack spells.
         ** Desintegrating the ball.
  • Boots of haste and time rings are allowed.
  • The Mercenarys may change any TBL rule(s) without further acknowledgment/announcement.

Mercenarys winning tbl 2004


TBL rewards 2003

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