Property Value
Time January 07–January 10
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
Classification World Quest
Version 12.02
December 11, 2018
Status Active


Let's celebrate! It's Tibia's birthday! Join us for the party and take part in the festivities! Many exciting activities await you. Try your luck on the piñata dragons. Visit the islands Vigintia and Nostalgia for fun things like can knockdown and a treasure hunt, or take a trip down memory lane.




This quest has no dangers.


15% Bonus Experience Rate, chance to obtain unique items.

The Tibia Anniversary is an event to celebrate Tibia's creation. There are 2 separate events that players can take part of:

Piñata Dragons

During the event, Cyclopes, Wolves, Trolls and Bears drop Old Rags. The Old Rags can be used on the Sewing Table Sewing Table (here) in order to help in the production of Piñata Dragons. When 30 Old Rags have been used, the Piñata Dragons will start spawning all around Thais for one hour. During this period, a server-wide Experience bonus of 15% will also be activated.

The Piñata Dragons drop several exclusive items, most notably the Festive Backpack (which has one of the best slots to oz ratio) and the Ferumbras Puppet which is used as a decoration.

Vigintia and Nostalgia

You'll find Kendra just south-west of Thais, here. Ask her for a 'passage and she'll take you to Vigintia, where you can participate in mini-games in which you can receive unique prizes.

From Vigintia, you can also go east and visit the Nostalgia island, where you can see items and creatures wearing old Sprites as well as fight in an arena.

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