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Mutated Dragon

7900 Hitpoints

10000 Experience points per kill


Abilities:Melee (0-470), Fire wave (620-890), Great Death Beam (700 -900), Armageddon (300-400), Paralyze, Self healing (about 300 per turn), Decreases shielding skill for 20% for 10 minutes (red musical notes).

Pushable : no

Push objects :yes

Est.Max. Damage:2660 per turn

Immune to :Fire, Death, Invisibility.

Strong to : Energy (-80%).

Netural to :Earth, Physical.

Weak to :Holy (+90%), Ice (50%)


Behaviour:Runs in very dark red health.

Field Notes: One of the most dangerous creatures, it is in the dragon class, it uses the power of death and fire with ultimate control and power and heals itself, it is the only Creature that drops the Hell lord Armor which has a great arm of 15 and gives a massive 50% protection from death damage and fire damage.It also drops Tortured soul which can enchant any weapon with any element, and can be used 10 times.It is said to be a dragon lord that was tortured by The Lizards till it died and diseased in awful pain that it soul never rested, the evil gods gave it a new shape and body reflecting what it is now from the inside, it used its newly gained body to evolve an army of Mutated Dragons resting in a hidden place in the Corruption hole, waiting for the right moment to avenge from the lizards.

Location:In a pick hole to the east in Floor -2 in Corruption_hole.

Strategy: Mainly hunting this creature needs a good team of a knight or 2 of level 150 atleast standing diagonal from the Mutated dragon, atleast 2 druids using utura mas sio and avalanche runes, and as much as possible paladins, ALL USING SOFT BOOTS.

Knight: A knight needs atleast level 230, soft boots, as much as possible rings of healing and atleast 1000 ultimate health potions for a proper hunt, luring a lot on you and using exori gran is not and option to be considered.

Paladin: A paladin of level 200 using soft boots, rings of healing,exura san and standing diagonal can easily get 150k exp per hour, just remember to get as much as possible strong mana potions,great spirit potion and ultimate healing runes, also use exori san or exevo mas san to take it down faster.

Mage: A mage is not advised to hunt there at all, because it would be a huge waste to kill one, however if you do use utani gran hur so you dont have to take physical damage or get surrounded, level 250 is recommended so you survive a combo.

Loot: 0-329 gp,0-2 platinum coins, Undead Heart, 1-2 Gold Ingot(semi rare), Steel Boots(semi rare),Demonic Essence(semi rare), Tortured Soul(rare), Golden Legs(rare), Vile Axe(rare),Zaoan Helmet(rare),Zaoan Armor(rare), Guardian Boots(rare) Zaoan Sword(rare),Hell Lord Armor(very rare).

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Picture is to find here:

Name: Elf Warlord

1050 Hit Points

712 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince:--/-- (Illusionable)

Abilities: Melee(0-20), Berserk Melee(20-250) (Red sparks on target and himself), Arrows(0-30) + Throwing Stars(0-200) (2 shots in 1 turn: 1Arrow + 1 Throwing Star), Invisiblility (max. 5 seconds)

Pushable: X

Push Objects: X

Est. Max. Dmg.: 500hp per turn

Immune to: Invisibility

Strong to: Holy(-15%), Fire(-40%), Energy(-10%)

Neutral to: Physical, Ice, Earth

Weak to: Death(+3%)

Sounds: "Ulderek bring death to Defiler!"; "Rambo Zambo flee your life for!"; "LRAL ORC TO ELF! ! !"

Behavior: Elf Warlords fight to the death. They chase their target while shooting from the distance. Once their target is caught Elf Warlords will only use melee attacks. They run as fast as a player on level 150.

Field Notes: This terrifying crossbreed between an Orc Warlord and the imprisoned Elf from Ulderek's Rock was an accidential result of the experiments done by some insane orcish scientist, who also plans to invade the moon.

Location: Ocr Fortress (rare spawn), Zao Orc Land (all in all 4 at the same time), Carlin (during raid)

Strategy: Just treat them like their underlings, the orc warlords, although they are slightly stronger and faster.

Loot: 0-40gp, 0-10 Throwing Stars, 0-10 Arrows, Elvish Orcleather*, Orcish Axe, Heaven Blossom (rare), Health Potion (rare), Crusader Helmet (rare), Golden Ring (very rare), Cornucopia (very rare), The Resistant* (very rare, only during raid)

Explanation: Elvish Orcleather: A creature product compareable to Orc Leather; The Resistant: An armor, which blocks every 3rd hit of a turn with the chance of 50%

Made by Altair Hiel on 31st of August 2010

Altair Hiel 15:08, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

Spirite of Undead Gladiator

890 Hit points 750 Experience points per kill

Abilities:Melee (0-250), Berserk (0-170) summon 0-1 undead gladiators


Push Objects:

Est. Max. Damage:420 hp per turn

Immune To:Invisibility

Strong To:Holy-10%), Fire(-80%), Energy(-20%)

Neutral To:Physical, Ice, DrownLife Drain

Weak To:Death(+1%?), Earth(+9%)

'Sounds:'"You will fight in the collosseum” “u cant kill a spirite”.

Behavior:they fight to the death

Field Notes:kill them is very difficult if you stay near them the melee shots are very powerful and beware from summons

Location:Zoo Quarter,maze of lost soul (demona)

'Strategy:Kill them as fast as possible from a distance. Not a very good creature for a knight to kill Loot':0-230gp, meat, 10-20 throwing stars, chain armor, legion helmet, crusader helmet (semi-rare), Glorious Axe(very rare).

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