Please do not sign pages...[]

Please do not sign your name on any article that you contribute to. The nature and necessity of a wiki makes all of its content subject to revision by nearly anyone. This means that no one "owns" all or any part of any article.

If you don't want your material to be edited mercilessly or redistributed by others, do not submit it.

Please note that this only counts for main namespace articles, i.e, talk pages are exempt from this rule.

Quality of articles[]

If every user was to sign their edits, the content would become obscured, and the wiki would become unusable. A normal TibiaWiki article may have been edited by dozens of authors many times, and all of these "signatures" would make it difficult to find the actual content of the article.

Credit where it is due[]

All edits that a user contributes are recorded in the edit history for the article, as well as on that user's list of contributions. Your work on this wiki is not anonymous, and all users can easily find all of the fabulous changes you have made.

Users that have made significant additions and/or improvements to this wiki are also listed on the credits page.