This page lists files which are used on pages, but are not linked to and therefore would appear on Special:UnusedImages if it were not for this page. They are here because they are in use on some main namespace pages, but the tags surrounding them remove the 'links' to them, causing them to appear in the "unused images" special page. Until there's a reliable fix/workaround this'll have to do.
Feel free to add to the list if there's more.
Admins: Feel free to delete these if they:

  1. do not have any informative purpose for a main namespace article, and
  2. aren't displayed on the listed pages here (or any other page except this one).

Categories to keep

This section is to remove pages from Special:UnusedCategories, unfortunately the only way to do that is by using them.

  1. Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function calls
  2. Category:Pages with too many ifexist calls

Templates to keep

Files to keep

The following files seem unused, but may not be deleted:

Files which need checking

a dump from the list on Special:Unusedimages should be added here from time to time.

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