Untested Ice Values

Creature Ice Dmg Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
3478 File:.gif
A Shielded Astral Glyph File:.gif
Abyssador File:.gif
Abyssal Calamary File:.gif
Achad File:.gif
Acid Blob File:.gif
Acolyte of Darkness File:.gif
Acolyte of the Cult File:.gif
Adept of the Cult File:.gif
Adult Goanna File:.gif
Adventurer File:.gif
Aftershock File:.gif
Aggressive Lava File:.gif
Aggressive Matter File:.gif
Alptramun File:.gif
Amarie (Creature) File:.gif
Amazon File:.gif
An Astral Glyph File:.gif
An Observer Eye File:.gif
Ancient Scarab File:.gif
Ancient Spawn of Morgathla File:.gif
Angry Adventurer File:.gif
Angry Demon File:.gif
Angry Plant File:.gif
Animated Clomp File:.gif
Animated Cyclops File:.gif
Animated Feather File:.gif
Animated Guzzlemaw File:.gif
Animated Mummy File:.gif
Animated Ogre Brute File:.gif
Animated Ogre Savage File:.gif
Animated Ogre Shaman File:.gif
Animated Rotworm File:.gif
Animated Snowman File:.gif
Animated Sword File:.gif
Anmothra File:.gif
Annihilon File:.gif
Anomaly File:.gif
Apocalypse File:.gif
Apprentice Sheng File:.gif
Arachir the Ancient One File:.gif
Arachnophobica File:.gif
Arctic Faun File:.gif
Arkhothep (Creature) File:.gif
Armadile File:.gif
Armenius (Creature) File:.gif
Arthei File:.gif
Arthom the Hunter File:.gif
Ascending Ferumbras File:.gif
Ashmunrah File:.gif
Askarak Demon File:.gif
Askarak Lord File:.gif
Askarak Prince File:.gif
Assassin File:.gif
Avalanche (Creature) File:.gif
Axeitus Headbanger File:.gif
Azerus File:.gif
Azure Frog File:.gif
Baby Dragon (Creature) File:.gif
Baby Pet of Chayenne File:.gif
Bad Dream File:.gif
Baleful Bunny File:.gif
Bandit File:.gif
Bane Bringer File:.gif
Bane Lord File:.gif
Bane of Light File:.gif
Banshee File:.gif
Barbaria File:.gif
Barbarian Bloodwalker File:.gif
Barbarian Brutetamer File:.gif
Barbarian Headsplitter File:.gif
Barbarian Skullhunter File:.gif
Barkless Devotee File:.gif
Barkless Fanatic File:.gif
Baron Brute File:.gif
Bat File:.gif
Bazir File:.gif
Bear File:.gif
Bear (Nostalgia) File:.gif
Behemoth File:.gif
Berrypest File:.gif
Berserker Chicken File:.gif
Betrayed Wraith File:.gif
Bibby Bloodbath File:.gif
Big Boss Trolliver File:.gif
Biting Book File:.gif
Biting Cold File:.gif
Black Knight File:.gif
Black Sphinx Acolyte File:.gif
Black Vixen File:.gif
Blightwalker File:.gif
Blistering Fire Elemental File:.gif
Blood Beast File:.gif
Blood Crab File:.gif
Blood Hand File:.gif
Blood Priest File:.gif
Bloodback File:.gif
Bloodpaw File:.gif
Bloom of Doom File:.gif
Boar File:.gif
Bog Frog File:.gif
Bone Jaw File:.gif
Bonebeast File:.gif
Bones File:.gif
Bonny Bunny File:.gif
Boogey File:.gif
Boogy File:.gif
Boreth File:.gif
Bound Astral Power File:.gif
Bovinus File:.gif
Bragrumol File:.gif
Brain Squid File:.gif
Breach Brood File:.gif
Bretzecutioner File:.gif
Bride of Night File:.gif
Brimstone Bug File:.gif
Brittle Skeleton File:.gif
Broken Shaper File:.gif
Brokul File:.gif
Brother Chill File:.gif
Brother Freeze File:.gif
Bruise Payne File:.gif
Brutus Bloodbeard File:.gif
Bug File:.gif
Bug (Nostalgia) File:.gif
Bullwark File:.gif
Burning Book File:.gif
Burning Gladiator File:.gif
Burrowing Beetle File:.gif
Burster File:.gif
Burster Spectre File:.gif
Butterfly (Blue) File:.gif
Butterfly (Purple) File:.gif
Butterfly (Red) File:.gif
Butterfly (Yellow) File:.gif
Cake Golem File:.gif
Calamary File:.gif
Canopic Jar File:.gif
Captain Jones File:.gif
Captured Dwarf File:.gif
Carniphila File:.gif
Cart Packed with Gold File:.gif
Cat File:.gif
Cave Parrot File:.gif
Cave Rat File:.gif
Cave Spider File:.gif
Chakoya Toolshaper File:.gif
Chakoya Tribewarden File:.gif
Chakoya Windcaller File:.gif
Charged Anomaly File:.gif
Charged Disruption File:.gif
Charged Energy Elemental File:.gif
Charger File:.gif
Charging Outburst File:.gif
Chayenne (Creature) File:.gif
Chicken File:.gif
Chikhaton File:.gif
Chizzoron the Distorter File:.gif
Choking Fear File:.gif
Chopper File:.gif
Clay Guardian File:.gif
Cliff Strider File:.gif
Clomp File:.gif
Cobra Assassin File:.gif
Cobra Scout File:.gif
Cobra Vizier File:.gif
Cockroach File:.gif
Cocoon File:.gif
Coldheart File:.gif
Colerian the Barbarian File:.gif
Concentrated Death File:.gif
Containment Crystal File:.gif
Containment Machine File:.gif
Control Tower File:.gif
Coral Frog File:.gif
Corym Charlatan File:.gif
Corym Skirmisher File:.gif
Cosmic Energy Prism A File:.gif
Cosmic Energy Prism B File:.gif
Cosmic Energy Prism C File:.gif
Cosmic Energy Prism D File:.gif
Count Tofifti (Creature) File:.gif
Count Vlarkorth File:.gif
Countess Sorrow File:.gif
Crab File:.gif
Craban (Creature) File:.gif
Crackler File:.gif
Crawler File:.gif
Crazed Beggar File:.gif
Crazed Dwarf File:.gif
Crazed Summer Rearguard File:.gif
Crazed Summer Vanguard File:.gif
Crazed Winter Rearguard File:.gif
Crazed Winter Vanguard File:.gif
Crimson Frog File:.gif
Crocodile File:.gif
Crustacea Gigantica File:.gif
Crypt Defiler File:.gif
Crypt Shambler File:.gif
Crypt Warden File:.gif
Crystal Spider File:.gif
Crystal Wolf File:.gif
Cublarc the Plunderer File:.gif
Cult Believer File:.gif
Cult Enforcer File:.gif
Cult Scholar File:.gif
Cursed Book File:.gif
Cursed Gladiator File:.gif
Custodian File:.gif
Cyclops Drone File:.gif
Cyclops Smith File:.gif
Damage Resonance File:.gif
Damaged Crystal Golem File:.gif
Damaged Worker Golem File:.gif
Darakan the Executioner File:.gif
Dark Apprentice File:.gif
Dark Faun File:.gif
Dark Knowledge File:.gif
Dark Magician File:.gif
Dark Monk File:.gif
Dark Soul File:.gif
Dark Torturer File:.gif
Darkfang File:.gif
Dawn Scorpion File:.gif
Dawnfire Asura File:.gif
Dawnfly File:.gif
Dazed Leaf Golem File:.gif
Deadeye Devious File:.gif
Death Blob File:.gif
Death Dragon File:.gif
Death Priest File:.gif
Death Priest Shargon File:.gif
Deathbine File:.gif
Deathbringer File:.gif
Deathling Scout File:.gif
Deathling Spellsinger File:.gif
Deathslicer File:.gif
Deathspawn File:.gif
Deathstrike File:.gif
Deep Terror File:.gif
Deepling Brawler File:.gif
Deepling Elite File:.gif
Deepling Guard File:.gif
Deepling Master Librarian File:.gif
Deepling Scout File:.gif
Deepling Spellsinger File:.gif
Deepling Tyrant File:.gif
Deepling Warrior File:.gif
Deepling Worker File:.gif
Deer File:.gif
Defiler File:.gif
Demodras File:.gif
Demon (Goblin) File:.gif
Demon Blood File:.gif
Demon Outcast File:.gif
Demon Parrot File:.gif
Demon Skeleton File:.gif
Demon Slave File:.gif
Denson Larika (Creature) File:.gif
Depolarized Crackler File:.gif
Depowered Minotaur File:.gif
Despair File:.gif
Desperate Soul File:.gif
Desperate White Deer File:.gif
Destabilized Ferumbras File:.gif
Destroyed Pillar File:.gif
Destroyer File:.gif
Devourer File:.gif
Devovorga File:.gif
Devovorga (Invincible) File:.gif
Dharalion File:.gif
Diabolic Imp File:.gif
Diamond Servant File:.gif
Diamond Servant Replica File:.gif
Diblis the Fair File:.gif
Dipthrah File:.gif
Dire Penguin File:.gif
Dirtbeard File:.gif
Diseased Bill File:.gif
Diseased Dan File:.gif
Diseased Fred File:.gif
Disgusting Ooze File:.gif
Disruption File:.gif
Doctor Perhaps File:.gif
Dog File:.gif
Doom Deer File:.gif
Doomhowl File:.gif
Doomsday Cultist File:.gif
Dragon Egg File:.gif
Dragon Essence File:.gif
Dragon Hatchling File:.gif
Dragon Lord Hatchling File:.gif
Dragon Servant File:.gif
Dragon Warden File:.gif
Dragon Wrath File:.gif
Dragonking Zyrtarch File:.gif
Dragonling File:.gif
Draken Abomination File:.gif
Draken Elite File:.gif
Draken Spellweaver File:.gif
Draken Warmaster File:.gif
Draptor File:.gif
Drasilla File:.gif
Dread Intruder File:.gif
Dread Minion File:.gif
Dreadbeast File:.gif
Dreadful Disruptor File:.gif
Dreadmaw File:.gif
Dreadwing File:.gif
Drillworm File:.gif
Dromedary File:.gif
Dryad File:.gif
Duke Krule File:.gif
Duskbringer File:.gif
Dwarf File:.gif
Dwarf Dispenser File:.gif
Dwarf Guard File:.gif
Dwarf Henchman File:.gif
Dwarf Miner File:.gif
Dwarf Soldier File:.gif
Earl Osam File:.gif
Earth Elemental File:.gif
Earth Overlord File:.gif
Earworm File:.gif
Eclipse Knight File:.gif
Efreet File:.gif
Egg (Creature) File:.gif
Ekatrix File:.gif
Elder Forest Fury File:.gif
Elder Mummy File:.gif
Elder Wyrm File:.gif
Elephant File:.gif
Elf File:.gif
Elf Arcanist File:.gif
Elf Overseer File:.gif
Elf Scout File:.gif
Elvira Hammerthrust File:.gif
Ember Beast File:.gif
Emberwing File:.gif
Emerald Damselfly File:.gif
Empowered Glooth Horror File:.gif
Energetic Book File:.gif
Energized Raging Mage File:.gif
Energuardian of Tales File:.gif
Energy Elemental File:.gif
Energy Overlord File:.gif
Energy Pulse File:.gif
Enfeebled Silencer File:.gif
Enlightened of the Cult File:.gif
Enraged Bookworm File:.gif
Enraged Crystal Golem File:.gif
Enraged Sand Brood File:.gif
Enraged Soul File:.gif
Enraged Squirrel File:.gif
Enraged White Deer File:.gif
Enslaved Dwarf File:.gif
Enthralled Demon File:.gif
Eradicator File:.gif
Eruption of Destruction File:.gif
Esmeralda File:.gif
Essence of Darkness File:.gif
Essence of Malice File:.gif
Eternal Guardian File:.gif
Ethershreck File:.gif
Evil Mastermind File:.gif
Evil Sheep File:.gif
Evil Sheep Lord File:.gif
Execowtioner File:.gif
Eye of the Seven File:.gif
Faceless Bane File:.gif
Fahim the Wise File:.gif
Falcon Knight File:.gif
Falcon Paladin File:.gif
Fallen Challenger File:.gif
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar File:.gif
Fan File:.gif
Fatality File:.gif
Faun File:.gif
Fazzrah File:.gif
Feeble Glooth Horror File:.gif
Feral Sphinx File:.gif
Fernfang File:.gif
Feroxa File:.gif
Feroxa (Gloom Wolf) File:.gif
Feroxa (Killable Werewolf) File:.gif
Feroxa (Werewolf) File:.gif
Ferumbras Essence File:.gif
Ferumbras Mortal Shell File:.gif
Ferumbras Soul Splinter File:.gif
Feverish Citizen File:.gif
Feversleep File:.gif
Fiery Blood File:.gif
Fiery Heart (Creature) File:.gif
Filth Toad File:.gif
Fire Elemental File:.gif
Fire Overlord File:.gif
Firestarter File:.gif
Fish (Creature) File:.gif
Flame of Omrafir File:.gif
Flameborn File:.gif
Flamecaller Zazrak File:.gif
Flamethrower File:.gif
Flamingo File:.gif
Fleabringer File:.gif
Fleshcrawler File:.gif
Fleshslicer File:.gif
Floating Savant File:.gif
Floor Blob File:.gif
Fluffy File:.gif
Flying Book File:.gif
Football (Creature) File:.gif
Force Field File:.gif
Foreman Kneebiter File:.gif
Foreshock File:.gif
Forest Fury File:.gif
Fox File:.gif
Frazzlemaw File:.gif
Freed Soul File:.gif
Freegoiz File:.gif
Frenzy File:.gif
Frost Dragon File:.gif
Frost Dragon Hatchling File:.gif
Frost Flower Asura File:.gif
Frost Giant File:.gif
Frost Giantess File:.gif
Frost Servant File:.gif
Frost Spider File:.gif
Frostfur File:.gif
Frozen Man File:.gif
Frozen Minion File:.gif
Furious Orc Berserker File:.gif
Furious Scorpion File:.gif
Furious Troll File:.gif
Fury File:.gif
Fury of the Emperor File:.gif
Furyosa File:.gif
Gaffir File:.gif
Gamemaster (Creature) File:.gif
Gang Member File:.gif
Gaz'haragoth File:.gif
Gazer File:.gif
Gazer Spectre File:.gif
Gelidrazah the Frozen File:.gif
General Murius File:.gif
Ghastly Dragon File:.gif
Ghastly Pet of Chayenne File:.gif
Ghazbaran File:.gif
Ghost File:.gif
Ghost Rat File:.gif
Ghost Wolf File:.gif
Ghost of a Planegazer File:.gif
Ghostly Apparition File:.gif
Ghoulish Hyaena File:.gif
Ghulosh File:.gif
Ghulosh' Deathgaze File:.gif
Giant Spider (Nostalgia) File:.gif
Giant Spider (Wyda) File:.gif
Giant Spider 7.4 File:.gif
Giant Spider 7.6 File:.gif
Giant Spider 8.1 File:.gif
Giant Spider Brood 7.4 File:.gif
Giant Spider Brood 7.6 File:.gif
Giant Spider Brood 8.1 File:.gif
Giant Spider Drone 7.4 File:.gif
Giant Spider Drone 7.6 File:.gif
Giant Spider Drone 8.1 File:.gif
Giant Spider Hatchling 7.4 File:.gif
Giant Spider Hatchling 7.6 File:.gif
Giant Spider Hatchling 8.1 File:.gif
Giant Spider Warrior 7.4 File:.gif
Giant Spider Warrior 7.6 File:.gif
Giant Spider Warrior 8.1 File:.gif
Gladiator File:.gif
Glitterscale File:.gif
Gloom Wolf File:.gif
Gloombringer File:.gif
Glooth-Generator File:.gif
Glooth Anemone File:.gif
Glooth Bandit File:.gif
Glooth Battery File:.gif
Glooth Blob File:.gif
Glooth Bomb File:.gif
Glooth Brigand File:.gif
Glooth Fairy File:.gif
Glooth Golem File:.gif
Glooth Horror File:.gif
Glooth Masher File:.gif
Glooth Powered Minotaur File:.gif
Glooth Slasher File:.gif
Glooth Trasher File:.gif
Gnarlhound File:.gif
Gnome Pack Crawler File:.gif
Gnomevil File:.gif
Gnorre Chyllson File:.gif
Goblin File:.gif
Goblin Assassin File:.gif
Goblin Leader File:.gif
Goblin Scavenger File:.gif
Golden Servant File:.gif
Golden Servant Replica File:.gif
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