Hunting with rods or wands

With the introduction of rods and wands, mages can now hunt in places that were either too risky to melee, or aren't worth the runes that you would have used. But how can you tell you are ready to start a hunt with this arcane items? How can you be prepared for the worst?

Well it's simple if you remember the following:

They expend mana - Even when promoted, any wand or rod above the starting wand will consume a small amount of mana that your regeneration won't cover, thus it will eventually happen that you will need to halt your hunt for a while to recover mana to keep going. To avoid this, bring a supply of mana potions to continue your hunt.

You can use runes at the same time - Whenever you feel like things are getting out of control, remember that you can always use runes while using wands or rods. If your life drops critically, use a UH rune, or if you feel too crowded, try a GFB rune, or if the enemy is too strong, combine the attacks with some HMM charges or even the powerful SD.

Bring more than one rod or wand - You can alway balance your hunting with diferent levels of wands or rods to help you save mana. If you are fighting low level monsters most of the time you can use a low level wand, and ocasionally switch back to take stronger opponents down; just make sure that your target is not immune to that element.