Are you sick of scrolling through hours of backlogged trade messages looking for the items you want to buy or sell. Well now YOU don't have to. Instead make your machine do it for you.

Step 1

  • Right-click the Trade Channel Tab (the word trade)
  • Make sure you've had it open quite a while so you can get the most amount of results.
  • Click "Save Window".
  • Be sure not to do this twice or to have done it on a previous day else you'll get a lot of fake and/or multiple results.

Alternative Method

  • In the Trade Channel window either press ctrl and A or right-click the text and click select all.
  • Press either ctrl and c or right-click and copy.
  • Open notepad and continue to Step 2.

Step 2

  • You'll have to find your Tibia Directory - It's the place you installed tibia to. It's usually location at C:/Program Files/Tibia.
  • In your directory sift through all the map files to find Trade.txt.
  • Make sure you open it with notepad (a built in windows program).
  • Hold ctrl and press f to open the find box.
  • In here type some key words of your item; for instance if wanted to find an Amulet of Loss I'd type Aol, or a Medusa Shield I'd type Medusa.
  • Press the "Find next" button to find the first (if any result) and jot the name down somewhere so you won't forget, or instantly message them in-game.
  • Cycle through each result until you find a seller or buyer; voila you've just saved hours of advertising.


Leave Trade open during a hunt and if you loot anything you can use this technique to find a buyer quickly.