Controlling Summoned Blockers

When hunting with a summoned blocker (see "Uses for Summons" tip), it is sometimes hard to control their movements. Here are a couple tips for making sure your summon gets targeted so you can kill creatures more safely.

Resting Position
When you are not attacking, your summon will try to stand as close to you as possible without blocking your lateral movements.

If you are standing in the yellow square below, your summons will try to stand on one of the green squares:


If you move next to your summon, they will try to reposition so that they do not block your way. With this activity, they will stay out of your way, but you can also use this to move them down a passage in front of you, so that they get targeted by any creatures before you do.

Also because of this, you can push your summon onto any of the green squares, but not to any other square. Keep this in mind when trying to position your summons for hunting.

Attacking to Move your Summons
When you target a creature, your summons will move to try and attack whatever creature you have targeted. You can use this to force your summons to walk in front of you when a creature appears on-screen. If the creature you are attacking tries to stand at a distance, they will usually retarget to the closest enemy, so attacking them with your summon will get your summon targeted.