Buying BPs of Items from NPCs

When you are buying a backpack (20) of items from an NPC, the items will fill up your main backpack, and then all remaining items you purchased will fall on the floor beneath you! If you don't notice, or if you don't grab your items fast enough, someone else might be walking away with your blank runes or mana fluids! But there is a solution!

Instead of buying the items 5 or 10 at a time and moving them to the backpack you want them in, try this:

  1. Move your main backpack into your arrow slot.
  2. Move the empty backpack into your backpack slot.
  3. When you buy 20 items from an NPC, all 20 of the items will fall into your empty backpack...right where you want them. You can also buy more items at once if you put other backpacks on your hands, making it possible to buy 60 items per turn.
  4. Move the full backpack into your main backpack and repeat as needed.

Not only does this make purchasing backpacks of items from NPCs easier, but you do not have to worry about someone grabbing your stuff from the floor beneath you!