Yelling with a hotkey

Nearly all of us has tried to sell an item to other players. Sometimes it may take a long time to find a buyer. Maybe the item is rare, but only for decoration. Or maybe you are a Druid that regularly has UH for sale. Whatever the reason, you constantly yell your message over and over. There is a simpler way than copy/pasting the text in the Tibia client, clicking the "yell" button, and pressing "return".

By adding "#y" before the text, it will always be yelled.

Add a hotkey for the message you want to say.

Selling BOH <offer> I TRAVEL

Simply put "#y" before the message.

#y Selling BOH <offer> I TRAVEL

Now, everytime you hit that hotkey, the message will be yelled instead of said.

You can also force your text to always be said or whispered, too! Check out the page on Chat Commands for more information.