Trapping Strong Summons

Have you ever been hunting in a group, but your summoned Fire Elemental keeps getting killed because you can't trap it with Parcels? There are a few different things you can do to trap those pesky summons:

  1. Block them with Players. There are some hunting locations where you can pretty easily use the mages and paladins in your party to stand in front of your summons and keep them from moving. Even summoned creatures that can push parcels will not move players.
  2. Use Field Runes. In PvP and PvP-Enforced worlds, you can use field runes to block in your summons. Placing Energy Fields around your Fire Elementals will keep them from moving. Be careful! Your fields will dissappear eventually, releasing your summons. So make sure you have plenty of runes for as long as you plan to hunt there.