False Reporting

Some players are sending private messages to other players telling them they have just been reported. For example you would receive a message like this from a random player:

  • 10:15 TibiaPlayer [8]: 10:13 Thank you for reporting <name of your char>. Your report will be processed by customer support as soon as possible. You can find the result of your report at your account page.

This is meant to provoke a reaction in a way which might be a reportable offense. If you insult them or use bad language they WILL legitimately report you. Alternatively, if you become so angry you attack them, they call their high level friends to come and finish you off! The best thing to say and do in these situations is nothing.

  • NOTE: Don't respond in any way which could get you banned! In fact, it would be better to not respond at all and just ignore them.