Have you ever wanted to kill a Dragon but feel your level is too low? Do you hunt Frost Dragons, but you lose too much health by luring more monsters? Your problems are over! You can use geographic design or other tactics allowing you to hunt easier.


If there's any stair with a Rope hole, you can go up or down fast, hit the monster once and come back. This is a good way to kill tough monsters. But be careful! Although you go fast, he can hit you. A good manner to avoid this is wait a few seconds. The monster will randomly walk away from the stairs.


An easy, but not very common way to prevent you from chasing a magical creature and thus walking in the arms of a crowd of other creatures. The range of strike spells is 3 square meters, but magical creatures keep a distance of 4 square meters. If you would just stay put you won't be able to damage the monster this way. But if you move fast and shoot your strike spells before it moves, you can easily kill all magical creatures with minimal movement. This method doesn't prevent you from getting damaged, however.

Remove creatures

If killing the large swarms of monsters is an issue, you can thin their numbers by letting them run. They will not die, so will not respawn. Just be careful when using waves, beams or field runes because that will finish them off.
This does not work efficiently against self-healing opponents.


If you want to kill a distance monster, go to a corner and wait it comes closer. Then hit it and come back to your position. It'll run away when you get closer, but he'll come back when you're far.


A monster won't cross fields if they aren't immune to it (unless you attack them).

Magic Walls

You can easily corner a creature by putting a few Magic Walls around it. It won't run away and if you use distance you can trap it the way it won't melee you. Be careful though, it can still summon creatures and the time of the magic walls will eventually run out.