Transferring your hotkeys to Hotkey Preset system

In 10.55 patch Hotkey Presets function was introduced in Stand-Alone Client allowing players to switch hotkey sets in-game. This guide will help you to move all your hotkeys without the need to type them in manually.

  • If you were using just one config file, it will be transferred automaticly as “Default” preset when you update your client. You dont have to do anything more.
  • If you were using multiple hotkey sets, as described in this Tip and this Tip, only currently used (active) one will be transferred (only Tibia.cfg file will be updated, not your alternate config files). To merge all config files in the new updated Tibia.cfg, follow the instructions below.

1. Locate Tibia settings folder (type %appdata%/tibia/ in Explorer adress bar; Note: this folder also contains your tibia maps). You may want to make a backup of Tibia.cfg file (copy if for example to your desktop), because if you make a mistake, all settings, including hotkeys, graphics, chat options will reset!
2. Open Tibia.cfg (orginal, not the backup one) with Notepad (rightclick → open with → notepad).
3. Open your first alternate hotkey set file, let's say it's named knight.cfg, with Notepad.
4. As you can see, comparing both files, the new config file (Tibia.cfg) have hotkeys stored in this way:

HotkeyPreset = ("Default",0,"exura\n",0,0,0)

while your older, pre-update config files (in this case your alternate config files with hotkey sets for different vocations/characetrs, i.e. knight.cfg) have hotkeys stored in this way:

Hotkey = (0,"exura\n",0,0,0)

5. In your knight.cfg file, remove all the lines except the ones starting with Hotkey = (so around 17 lines from the top and around 40 lines from the bottom of the file.
6. Now use the Replace function in Notepad. Press Ctrl+H and Replace dialog box will appear. In the first line (Find:) write

Hotkey = (

and in the second line (Replace to:) write

HotkeyPreset = ("knight",

then click Replace all. This operation should change beginning of every line to HotkeyPreset = ("knight"..... .
7. If the replacing was done correctly, now select all the lines (Ctrl+A) and copy them, then switch to Notepad window with Tibia.cfg opened, and paste the text before or after the existing lines starting with HotkeyPreset. Make sure not to remove anything by mistake, that every command starts with new line and that there are no empty lines in Tibia.cfg file.
8. Save the Tibia.cfg file and run Tibia. Click Options → Hotkeys. If you did everything right, new hotkey preset named knight should appear under the Default preset. You can rename it by doubleclicking it. Note: If you rename hotkey preset to your character's name and enable Auto-Switch Hotkey Preset checkbox in Options → General options, that hotkey set will activate itself upon logging in that character.
9. If however it's not working, close the Notepad window with Tibia.cfg, copy your earlier created backup file from desktop to Tibia folder and repeat steps 2 - 8 again.
10. Close without saving (for backup purposes) Notepad window with your alternate config file knight.cfg, and open next one (for example druid.cfg). Repeat the steps 5 - 8 for all your alternate config files. Remember to change HotkeyPreset = ("knight", to HotkeyPreset = ("druid", etc. when replacing, as there can't be two hotkey presets with the same name.

Enjoy your new old hotkey sets.