Hunting Necros at level 28 (mage)

An easy way to hunt necros as a level 28 mage in drefia. If you do it like this, you can make 30k exp per hour or better, depending on the spawn rate of your server. First you will need a few things:

(sorcerers bring Wand of Cosmic Energy or some hmm, druids Northwind Rod or hmm ). Once you have entered drefia head for the necro cave. wearing a stealth ring as there is many DS. after reaching the floor with necros head north west to the 4x necros spawn. still wearing your stealth ring kill all the ghosts and demon skeletons. once you have killed all of them and you near the library where the 4 necromancers spawn . Remove your stealth ring. Summon one DS . To clear the room will be a little difficult. First run in and lure one Necro out at a time if possible. Do not attack the necromancer Get behind your DS and the necro will automatically target the ds. now with out targeting the necromancer. Shoot fireball runes at him till he is dead. Repeat till you have cleared room. Once room is cleared push your DS close to entrance of library and stand 2 squares directly in back of it. when ever a necromancer spawns he should instantly attack your DS. And you can kill it same way as before without taking any damage. When ever random ghosts and DS spawn . simply put on a stealth ring and shoot them with hmm or use your wand/rod. Remember if you use your wand rod you will have to reposition your DS after the target is killed. Remember when you are down to the last 5 minutes on your last stealth ring Leave.

(note unless you loot a rare item you will probably waste a little but the exp is worth it and once you loot boh it should pay for at least the last 4 or 5 hunts)