Tip: Analyzing teasers

In the coming week we will be teased by the developers in little articles around once every week. These articles are not supposed to inform us what's to come in a concrete way, but instead to tease us and keep us hyped until the update is released. But by being smart and analyzing these teasers you could get a small advantage over other oblivious players.

In the first teaser (in the format of a newspaper - the challenger) they reveal some possible additions/changes coming. I'll going going through some of these teasers and analyzing certain quotes I find interesting and what they might mean.

Teaser 1 - November 5 2014

Actually, the editors and the whole team spent the last months with a

lot of investigation about the recently discovered city of Rathleton 

and the research of many other things.

Conclusion: There will be adding more content to the Rathleton and Oramond area.

Furthermore, we worked on something new and we are proud to present you our brand-new section Job Offers.

Conclusion: They'll be adding more tasks that you can do to gain more points towards voting in Rathleton and improving your status.

Brandon (editor's note: Brandon, an inhabitant of Rathleton, is the founder of the local bed and breakfast; according to his wife he used to

be a passionate fisherman as well) has been sighted at the northwestern shore of Oramond.

Conclusion: There will probably be a new area to explore, hunt in and possible quests too.

Job Offers in and around Rathleton (title of sub column)

Conclusion: They are adding 4 new tasks to do with different objectives and difficulty.

North of Darashia, he discovered a rock formation. The nomades call it the Lion's Rock.

They also warn strangers that only the worthy will be able to lift the 

secret of this place and to survive the threats which are waiting inside

the rock.

Conclusion: They'll be adding a new area north of Darashia with possible questline, challenge arena or hunting grounds.

Anyway, she told me a weird story about a place called crystal gardens and an old evil that has to be destroyed.

Conclusion: Adding a new area called Crystal gardens near Nargor. Possible bosses or quest lines to kill "old evils".


Be smart and analyze teasers, because there might be valuable information hidden in there somewhere. Why? You'll know more than your friends!

Have at it and enjoy coming teasers!