Moving Faster

Do you suffer "step-lag" or freezes? Have you recently found yourself being outran by a lower-leveled player?

When you walk around in Tibia, try "using" a tile on your screen toward your destination. This method will allow you to walk as fast as your character possibly can, as well as find an optimal route to it (albeit a very short distance).

The steps to "use" an item on your screen varies depending on your classic control settings.

Classic Controls: Right-click.
Non-classic controls: Hold Ctrl and left-click (or right-click).


  • This method works because the server itself creates the necessary requests until you reach your destination or cancel the action. Most of the "slowness" players experience is actually due to player latency, and this method tells the server to control your movements toward some local destination (meaning no network lag).
  • Do not use it for precise walking. If you need to avoid a certain tile (a hidden pitfall for example) you should use the arrow keys.
  • Because the tile/item is being used, consider if you really want to use that item! This is especially true for ladders.
  • "Using" a tile that a monster or player is standing on will trigger attack mode, if you are using classic controls! If you aren't careful you could find yourself attacking another player or a monster someone else is attacking.
  • This method will not work when there are items on the ground with the "Use with..." option, because it requires a further action from the player (use on what?).
  • This method also fails if the destination is blocked by autowalk blockers (boxes, magic fields, etc.).
  • Harmless player fields have blocked this method since the recent change in the PvP system. You cannot "use" a yellow field, it will fail silently. This is probably a bug.
  • This is a non-standard method of moving, and you should not rely on it working forever.