Easily Killing Distance Creatures

For some people, an Elf Scout (or Arcanist, or any other creature like it) is no laughing matter. Well now I present you a simple way to easily kill these creatures. All you need is either natural barriers and/or Magic Wall Runes.

Dist Creat Strat Image The creatures, represented in Red, will move forward to try and shoot at you (to the orange marked tile). Then, since they have to stay away from you, they'll move back to the red marked tiles. So long as you stay fixed in the Yellow one (turn Chase OFF), and attacking one of them, you minimize the damage they deal you, with all their moving around. A level 10 Knight with 25/25 Skills can easily solo an Elf Scout with this method, even on Offensive stance, and take from 50~ to 0 damage. Note: This will only work with barriers you can't shoot through, and creatures that fire single missiles. It hasn't been tested with creatures that use area spells.