Report Name Feature.

If you see a character that has a name which offends or disturbs you and violates the Tibia Rules, you can report it to the customer support.

There are various ways of opening the Report Rule Violation window.

  • Clicking on a character
  • Ctrl + J
  • Right clicking their name in channels or vip window

If using the Ctrl + J or return method, you will need to type in the characters name. Otherwise, the name is automatically added to the report.

When you have entered the characters name you wish to report, you simply click on next. Listed below are the following reasons why someone might be name locked.

Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug related, generallly objectionable, parts of a sentence, badly formatted words, nonsensical combination of letters, religious or politcal views, illegal advertising, does not fit Tibia's fantasy setting, implies or incites a violation of the Tibia Rules.

Next, you are required to give a translation of the name (if it is not in English) and then an explaination as to why this name violates the rules. The next and final step is to verify your report and to check that it is correct. Afterwards you may send the report.

Remember to only report names you find offensive.

You can also see the report being processed on your account page.