Client Shortcuts:

There are a few handy shortcuts which are useful to know when playing Tibia. Here's a list of them:


  • Left + Right click: Look.
  • Ctrl + Drag: Drag all items.
  • Shift + Drag: Drag one item.
  • Double left click window titles (where it says Backpack/Skills/VIP): Minimizes/Restores windows.

Tab (+ Shift): Switch Channels.

  • Ctrl + D: Switch to Local Chat Channel.
  • Ctrl + O: Open new channel.
  • Ctrl + E: Close channel window.
  • Ctrl + M: Show server messages in current channel.
  • Ctrl + I: Open ignore list.


  • Ctrl+H: Opens in-game help support.
  • Ctrl+T: Opens Help Channel.


  • Alt + Home/End: Zooms in and out.
  • Alt + Cursor Keys: Scroll on the automap.
  • Alt + Page Up/Down: Changes to upper or lower floor levels.

Control Buttons:

Game Window:

  • Ctrl+W: Clears game window of messages.
  • Ctrl+N: Hide/Show names and health bars.
  • Ctrl+F / Alt+Enter: Toggles full screen or windowed mode.


  • Ctrl+K: Shortcut to hotkey options.
  • (Shift / Ctrl +) F1 to F12: use a set hotkey.