Organizing your depot and runes

You also never can find anything in your depot just when you need it? Also can't remember in which town you put you important items?

Here comes the solution for you. Organizing your depot will become easy! Bring all your items to one town. Then have just a few backpacks in your depot which link to different categorized items, for example:

In the rune backpack you can make more backpacks with a color-code, intense healing runes are grey so you put them in a grey backpack. Great Fireballs are red so you put them in a red backpack and so on.

You can also 'label' backpacks by placing one of the items it contains in front of the backpack. This just means you can only fit 10 in another backpack.

Other important thing is when you store items in multiple cities, you should organize every depot exactly the same (for example first backpack for loot, then box for food, third chest for runes etc.) so you learn the arrangement by heart and after some time you will be opening appropriate box automatically.

You will realize it definitely works and you can find every item much faster!