Getting money

Unfortunately the biggest problem when you start over in a new world is the $$$, so I'll give you a few tips.

Don't try to hunt monsters that you cannot handle yet. (E.g. kill a dragon at level 15) This will make you waste tons of supplies, they might not look expensive, but a bp mfs is worth 1k, if u waste 10 bps its 10k gone, so take care.

If you are a knight TRAIN, seriously I mean it. With good skills you can kill monsters faster, and waste less = More profit :). I am a knight and I regret to death that I didn't train while low level. I'm level 65, thats ridiculous I get waste at dragons :<. Seriously, get at least 75/75 when you are low level, but not too much low, because you can die easily and lose lots of skills, so try to make like this:

Level/Skill - 08 / 40 - 10 / 50 - 15 / 60 - 20 / 70 - 25 / 75 - 30 / 80

If you do this, you'll have great skills for the rest of your life.

If you paladin, same of the above, but train with spears. Seriously, spears. In most worlds 100 small stones are worth 2k~, 100 spears are worth 1k at npc, and lasts longer then stones in my opinion. But in this case you gotta train with a friend, because you'll kill monsters too fast. Do this until you start to hit your friend too hard. When you do, go hunt, get cash, and buy small stones, skills are everything. Try to get distance 70 at least until you get level 20. This way you'll also avoid more pks, because if they attack you, with a good distance skill you'll hit them really hard, and they will run away.

Now if you are a mage, I know how manasitting can be annoying, but its necessary. Higher ml = monsters dead faster, your exura healing a lot, etc. Doesn't matter if you are free account or premium account. Frees can use frigo/flam hur and other good wave spells. When you don't feel like hunting, stand beside a pz, get as much food as you can carry, and just talk to friends, or in game-chat in the meanwhile.

If you are premium and has level 40+, try to make Rashid/Djinns quest as fast as possible. You can buy loads of stuff cheaper then their prices, and sell to the npcs. -> Important tip: try to buy lots of stuff at once, people will sell easier this way. E.g. if you offer 2,5k for a wand of inferno, which is 3k at djinns, most likely the owner won't sell. Now if he has LOTS of djinn items, calculate the total price of them. For example he has a bp of djinn items, they are worth total 50k, offer 47k for it. Its really easier to buy this way. I know 3k doesn't sound a good profit, but believe me, its a lot: if you make this everyday for 10 days, gz you won 30k :).

If none of the above suits you, try to buy lootbags from high levels. For them pulling a bag to distant npcs to sell the stuff is just waste of time. So take a look at their lootbags, calculate always, if the lootbag is worth 15k~, look at the seller: if he is level 100~ offer 13k, if he is 150+ offer 12k, if he is 200+ offer 10k. Ye i know it doesnt sound nice rofl, but thats how stuff works: the higher their level is, the less they care about money, and the less they'll waste time calculating the price of their own lootbags :)

The last and more important tip: DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER [...] GAMBLE!

Just think with me: dice has 6 different sides, you choose a number to roll. Guess what? You have one chance to win. The roller has 5 :P. Also try to avoid rolling yourself dice, people can declare you hunted if they lose too much. I've seen this in my world: a guy from the rulling guild in my world gave the roller 100k, to win 500k. He lost. Guess what? "Give the 500k now or you are hunted" :}

Hope it helps you guys :*