Placing items on a Coal Basin

Want to spruce up your Coal Basin, and have a nice looking backlit item display?

What you need

  • Any dead corpse which decays over time and has item slots
  • A packaged Large Trunk or Barrel
  • A packaged Coal Basin
  • A tapestry (any color of course)
  • The items you want to display
  • And a melee weapon to smash the trunk with

Note: This only works in a House or Guildhall)

First, pick the spot you want to place this in, after finding your preferred spot, put the corpse on the ground, then put the packaged trunk and coal basin in the corpse and unpack the coal basin. Now unpack the trunk, it should be on top of the coal basin now. After that, open the trunk and put the desired display items in the trunk and tapestry.
Heres the tricky part, arrange the items in the order of the item you want displayed on top in the trunks item slots:
From tapestry -> bottom item -> middle items > top item. After that, get a Melee Weapon and destroy the trunk.

Tibiawikitip for feb 2008 items on coal basin

Image not included on main page, see this for example-pictures.


  • The tapestry is optional, it's mainly to cover up the wooden trash left behind under the items when you smash the trunk.
  • This also could be used as a Balcony Shield too.