Did you ever try Pvp enforced (aka Hardcore pvp) and end up killed by the multiple pks that roam that world? Here is a guide how to avoid them.

First of all there exist only 2 hardcore worlds, Dolera and Inferna. Both are wonderful worlds but if you don't know what to do you will end up dead.

Choose your vocation wisely, Knights are nice to get money, but they level slow and they have nearly no future in a hardcore world, Pallies are almost the same as knights or even worse cause they can level in places were you need monsters that drop ammo. ie. Trolls, Valkyries etc. otherwise you'll waste money that is going to be valuable at higher levels.

The best combination is probably Knight and Sorcerer. Get some money with the knight and go level with the mage.

Choose your city wisely, if you're free, avoid Thais. The most dangerous free city will go this order:

  1. Thais
  2. Venore (Avoid this one completely 0% chance to level if you play Dolera)
  3. Carlin
  4. Ab'dendriel
  5. Kazordoon

You should choose Kazordoon as your first city because of 3 points. With the mine car update there are lots of pz all over the city. High levels won't come too often to this city cause it is isolated from the rest of the free cities (isolated in the form there isn't a way to get there by boat as easy like Venore to Thais). If you are premium the most dangerous cities are:

  1. Yalahar
  2. Port Hope
  3. Ankrahmun/Darashia
  4. Liberty Bay
  5. Svargrond

But the difference of danger between cities in free and premium is extremely huge (free cities are more dangerous).

The power abusing in this world as you may guess is complete different from other worlds. In Dolera The world is ruled by the "guildless law" to put it simply if someone "looks" at you and sees you without a guild he will try to pk you in almost 80% of the cases.

if you want to survive this iron law these are the tips:

  1. Never use Game-chat, Forums, and if you need to sell something make a new char and sell your items with him (don't make yourself famous or known), this will avoid ~5% of your deaths.
  2. Never insult someone else. Even when someone kills you, never ask for your loot, never throw your loot in the water instead, pk the minimun if you want to succeed in this world.
  3. Avoid being inside the city, especially free ones.
  4. Don't carry expensive items with you and use your arrow slot everytime to save something important from your bp.
  5. If you are guildless, try leveling at very odd respawn, avoid leveling in popular respawns and if someone else is there run or you will end up dead.
  6. If you think is possible try making new friends but avoid friends that like to pk, eventually if your lucky you may know someone from a protected guild and you will join it.
  7. Talk to the leaders of the guilds, but don't insist too much in entering the guild, if he says that you need a payment in order to join, evaluate the situation.
  8. Avoid crowded places and avoid "quest services" like Black knight's or Fibula if you are still guildless.
  9. Be friendly, never show-off, never be arrogant (don't make yourself hated). Use the ignore function wisely, Be tolerant.
  10. Patience above all things.

But if these things don't work and you get killed in a very rare and isolated respawn, do not get angry or frustrated, it's just a game, do not insult him, do not talk to your killer cause if you level in an odd respawn it means he used the Who is online function to search for you, if you're lucky the high level will forget about you and you can continue to level until you get in a protected guild.

Around 60% of the power abuse against the new players, comes from the protected guilds. Try getting into one by any means possible and avoid places like temple and depot cause those are pking spots.

Note: This tip does not represent the view of TibiaWiki on this topic in any way and is more useful for a survivor than for a pker.