Many viewers of this site doesn't understand what wikis are about, some people assume the wiki is full of consistent accuracy. This tip will introduce you to Wikis.

What are Wikis?
Wikis, including this one, are freely editable websites (group of documents) which anyone can contribute to. This wiki has, admittedly, become one of the largest and most reliable sources of Tibian information. Whether it be finding the spell words of a certain spell, or the creature who drops an item, you'll find that most of the content on this wiki came from regular users like you.

Why do they contribute?
Everyone has their reasons no doubt, they could strive to be helpful, or may find it fun writing up or correcting pieces of text.

Being freely editable isn't always a good thing, is it?
Sometimes, on occasion users deliberately cause harm and remove content, add inappropriate external links or insert false information for their own pleasure. Needless to say acts like this are undone immediately, and in severe cases penalties are handed out, but that does not necessarily make it a bad thing, for if this wiki weren't freely editable it would be near empty even today.

So what makes Wikis so great?
Other than being freely editable, the markup used on wikis is very simple, and it only takes a minute of reading to learn. No previous experience of web design or markup languages is required.

Can I help?
Sure! All it takes to contribute to this wiki is an account (sign up for free here), there's nearly nothing limiting you from adding content. Be sure to read over the Policy, and take a quick look at the standards the editors of this wiki have agreed to follow.
We have a collection of Help pages to help get you started, administrators and experienced users are more than happy to help, should you ever need it.