Pot shield - prevent your balcony from being trashed

Do you own a house with a balcony? Then you surely have experienced trashing, a common way of insulting where players throw loads of rubbish on your balcony. This can be really annoying unless you are a cleaning-freak. Don't panic - there is a way to prevent this from happening, by making a pot shield. (1)

  • First, get containers, that can be destroyed (boxes or large trunks are great). Put down one for every square meter on your balcony. (2)
  • Then, put some good looking decoration in the boxes (classic coconut/snowball decoration is ok). It is preferable that the decoration covers most of the square meter. (3)
  • Next, get random trash items (labels, gold coins, worms). Fill the boxes until there is just 1 spot left in them. This is to level the decoration with the floor. (4)
  • Finally, destroy all the boxes using a melee weapon. (6)

The decoration will come on top, covering the trash items, the pot and the broken box. Try to put down an item anywhere on the balcony. It's impossible! You are now a proud owner of a trashproof balcony.

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After the update, you can walk and place things on pots, rendering this tip useless.