How to disable certain keys on your keyboard that may not be compatible with your Tibia gaming

Please note that these tips apply to windows XP only! Certain aspects or steps may differ in other versions of Windows.

  • How to disable the windows key: the 'windows key' is the one with the flag symbol of Windows and it is responsible for opening the start menu. Start menu can also be opened by pressing CTRL+ESC just in case you chose to disable the other 2 buttons.

If you press one of those keys by mistake it may close, minimize, disable or even crash your Tibia client, which in turn may cause you problems.

Warning! The steps below are for experienced users! You can easily damage your system by messing with the system registry. Ask an experienced friend to help you if you feel that you may do something wrong.

Steps to disable:

    • First open the start menu (last time you will use this button ;) )
    • Click run.
    • Type regedit and press enter.
    • In the new window look for this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout.
    • Right click on Keyboard Layout and select New, choose REG_BINARY and name it Scancode Map
    • Now you must set a value for it. Right click and select Change binary data, then enter the following: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 5B E0 00 00 5C E0 00 00 00 00 (with no spaces and in capitals) and press enter.

Make sure that the Scancode Map has the exact value as provided above. Now try pressing the windows key and if it still works try restarting the PC. If you want the button to work again just delete the Scancode Map key or you can use CTRL+ESC as a substitute.

  • How to disable the Sleep and Power buttons: keys present on most modern keyboards which will put your computer into a sleep mode (a low power state, where your session is kept in RAM for a fast startup) and power it off respectively.

Both keys will effectively switch off your computer, which, needless to say, can cause your Tibia character to die very easily.

Steps to disable:

    • Go to start menu and open control panel.
    • Then open power options.
    • Select advanced options tab, find the following: "what to do when you push the power button" and "what to do when you push the sleep button". Set both of these to do nothing.
    • Now apply the changes and your problem with Sleep and Power keys is solved.

  • How to disable the rotate screen key combination: some third-party software for your graphics card (like NVIDIA) has the ability to flip or rotate your screen by x degrees. Sometimes you can rotate it by holding a key like the right ALT (also known as ALT GR) and pressing the direction keys (right/left/up/down).

If this happens while you are playing, it will be very difficult to control your character because you may see your screen upside down and trying to move to the left will result in walking in the opposite direction.

Steps to disable:

    • Try right-clicking on the desktop and looking for display settings. Click it and try looking for "fast access buttons" options and try disabling the key combinations.
    • If this does not work try seeing if the graphics card installed, will let you remove the shortcut combinations.

  • How to disable the change keyboard layout key combination: some computers may have a few keyboard layouts (also known as languages) set, normally there's a preset key combination to switch your keyboard from one to the other (it may be CTRL+SHIFT, left ALT+SHIFT or some other).

Problems can arise when you're typing in-game and by mistake you press those keys at the same time, it will cause your normal keyboard layout to switch to a different one that you are not used to type with (e.g. ◘╔(↑┴¿├), making it very hard to chat.

If the keyboard language icon (or the language bar) is in the system tray (lower right hand side corner of your desktop, next to the clock) then right-click on it, click settings and start from step 6. If it is not, start from step number 1.

Steps to disable:

    • 1. Go to the start menu and open control panel.
    • 2. If the control panel is in classic mode switch it back to normal.
    • 3. Now double click on the regional options, language, time and date.
    • 4. Double click the regional and language Options.
    • 5. Go to the language tab and click on details.
    • 6. Now click on configure buttons
    • 7. Now in here you will see the keyboard language you are using and probably will have set a key combination to switch to other languages, to disable those keys select the one with the shortcut buttons and click "change key sequence" and just click your mouse anywhere so the key combinatin is removed.