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The following links are for articles that either do not exist, or have insufficient information to be valuable to the community. If you are able to fill in any gaps or deficiencies, please do so.


  • To all NPCs sounds should be added.


Hunting places[]

(can use more information)


Zao objects:

  • Hairy Violet (Zao plant, see screenshot)
  • Acid Foxglove (Zao plant, see screenshot)

Zao Small Lancer Beetle Cave Plants

Svargrond objects:

Quests and Spoilers[]

These can use more information


Needed articles that don't fit in categories above:

  • The Formula page needs to be updated, all the spell damage formula are outdated and inaccurate.
  • Would be nice to have an article detailing all the areas that are PZ it would be useful for people in PvP and PvP-enforced worlds (like that there's 2 squares of PZ in the exit of Desert Quest).
  • Gharonk: strange language (check Desert Dungeon Library for more).
  • List of Pushable Creatures needs more info.
  • Price lists of loot items (in form of separate new pages or additional colums on existing pages), so that you can see an overview of prices of groups of items at one glance for items / pages like Armors, Legs, Shields, Axe Weapons, Club Weapons, Valuables, or on any other overview page of lootable items, just as it has already been done on the page Creature Products by NPC to sell to.

It would be extremely helpful to get a colum "Sell to" for eq and other loot items on the respective overview pages, which could be sortable by NPC and which would give the NPC price.
Could this be implemented?
Alternatively create a page "Price Lists" and add tables of Armors, Shields, Axe Weapons, Valuables etc. which include a colum "Sell to (NPC) in (city)" and a colum which gives the price for each item. The tables should be sortable, so that I could list eg. all Rashid or Blue / Green Djinn or Telas items and see their respective prices at a glance.
That way we could more easily identify weapon/eq items which are only sellable to players or which are sellable to "minor" NPCs
This would simplyfy the looking up of items, atm I would either need to know the NPC in advance and look on his/her page or I would have to access eg. several Valuables or Helmets pages for all my loot instead of opening an overview page and seeing their prices and where I can sell them.
So please consider this, if possible, thanks! ---> NPC_to_Sell_To ?