In 2015 we should work on improving the TibiaWiki layout. For the current layout experiment see Current Revision.

List of Issues

  • Most of our pages (items, npcs, etc.) are using tables for layout. This is bad practice.
  • TibiaWiki lacks standardization. Quest spoilers largely follow a "do what works" guideline which makes quest spoiler articles inconsistent.
  • Our horizontal spacing is very limited, so we need to use it as much as possible. Options need to be considered such as removing or moving sidebars from pages.
  • Many of our lists create a table for every list item. They should be creating rows instead of tables of 1 row.

Features to consider

These are features being considered for 2015's revamp of templates & layout.

  • Add themes to pages to indicate what it's generally about (e.g. a Darashian NPC might have a "sandy" theme).
    Not practical, the color theme should be consistent across all pages.
  • Merge items and objects. Items are just pickupable objects, they shouldn't require a separate template.
    Possibly not being implemented soon due to the amount of work required.

List of Pages Identified

Add to this list if you found a page using tables for layout. Do not add pages if the table is added via a template; add the template itself.

Current Revision

Old Template Old Examples New Template New Examples
Template:Infobox Item Axe
Pair of Soft Boots
Magic Sulphur
User:Sixorish/Item2 Axe
Pair of Soft Boots
Magic Sulphur
Template:Infobox Creature Demon
User:Sixorish/Creature2 Demon
Template:Infobox NPC Sam
User:Sixorish/NPC2 Sam
Template:Infobox Spell Find Person
Eternal Winter
Food (Spell)
User:Sixorish/Spell2 Find Person
Eternal Winter
Template:Infobox Quest The Pits of Inferno Quest
Roshamuul Quest
Blood Herb Quest
User:Sixorish/Quest2 The Pits of Inferno Quest
Roshamuul Quest
Blood Herb Quest

Significant Changes

  • Tabular data is moved to the right-hand side, while other content flows around it.
  • The sidebar with related items/creatures is gone. If this is seen as desirable another navigation list can be added to the bottom of the page some time after the initial release. However, the sidebar was consuming a lot of space which simply had to go.

Changes for Editors

  • Items' droppedby parameter must now use {{Dropped By}}.
  • NPCs', Items', Creatures' sounds parameter must now use {{Sound List}}
  • Creatures' loot must now use {{Loot Table}}, which contains a list of {{Loot Item}}s.
  • Creatures now have 1 additional parameter:
    • spawntype takes a comma-separated list of the following spawn type attributes: Regular, Raid, Unique, Event, Triggered. The names are self-explanatory:
  • Items now have 1 additional parameter:
    • pickupable takes yes/no depending on whether or not the item can be placed in a container.
  • NPCs now have 6 additional parameters:
    • posx, posy, posz takes the x-, y-, and z- components of their approximate geographical position. This will primarily be used to display a map showing the location of the NPC.
    • street takes the street name that the NPC is on or very close to, or blank if the NPC is not near a town.
    • gender takes male/female/none depending on the NPC's gender.
    • race takes the name of the NPC's race (e.g. Human).


Feedback can be posted on the talk page of this project page. We may change the template based on the feedback provided. Please provide only constructive feedback which helps us to address the issues.


Here are some screenshots for comparison to the old and new. It is intended to show what the templates should look like, acknowledging that browser rendering engines may differ and some features may be unsupported. The layouts were designed using Firefox but they should be supported by all major browsers (tested Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 39, Mozilla Firefox 35).

Please note that these screenshots may not reflect the current revisions of pages and/or the template. You can, of course, view the example pages in your browser(s).