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The following table contains rules that can result in punishments if not followed. Except for serious and deliberate violations, we try to warn users before applying any punishments. However, if communication does not work punishments will be issued based on the following table. If the user is a repeat rule violator even after punishment, administrators may apply punishments at their own discretion.

Note: If the administrator applying the punishment deems the user to be deliberately participating in destructive or malicious acts that would harm the community (for example accounts created solely to add malicious content, remove useful content or spam a product), they may apply a punishment to their own discretion. These punishments may or may not be appealable to the TibiaWiki administrators, but may still be appealable to Fandom staff directly.

Rule Explanation Punishments
Rudeness TibiaWiki is a community built on respect and a desire to help. There is no room for toxicity here. 1 month 3 months infinite
Copyright Infringement Articles should not be copied verbatim from Tibia.com or other fan sites. Try to always use original content! warning 1 month 3 months
Off-topic discussion Please keep discussion of unrelated things to a minimum. Some exceptions are allowed when the context calls for them, notably for of the Allusions page. This also means that discussion of unofficial Tibia servers is not permitted. warning 1 month 3 months
Refusal to follow #Content Policies and TibiaWiki:Standards For everyone's benefit we follow standards where we can. This source is the deciding factor in determining how something should be presented. You may be punished if you refuse to follow a standard and continue to violate it after being advised of it. warning 1 month 3 months
Excessive self-promotion Do not intentionally add your name or names of those affiliated to you on the Wiki. It's very hard to be neutral when describing a party you are directly related to. Furthermore, do not create user accounts solely to have a user space and not contribute to the community. We welcome user spaces as a means to introduce yourself, but only for those intending to be active within the community. warning 1 month infinite
Inciting in-game rule violations As a positive, constructive community we cannot support the use of illegal tools, or in-game rule violations in general. warning 1 month infinite
Violating Wikia Terms of Use Blatant, intentional violations of Wikia's terms of use . warning 1 month infinite

Content Policies

  1. Don't infringe copyrights. Articles should not be copied verbatim from Tibia.com or other fan sites. Try to always use original content!
  2. Off-topic content. All content should be strictly about the MMORPG Tibia, which is run by CipSoft GmbH. Whilst it would be nice to have a wider range of diversity in what is allowed, this option is best in the long run.
  3. Follow the standards. To ensure our articles are kept neat and easy to read we try to maintain a level of consistency. The TibiaWiki standards page outlines the expectations of specific content on the Wiki.
  4. Accuracy. Only add information that is accurate, if you're unsure use a "?" or don't add it at all.
  5. No Personal Articles Only add articles that are informative and people would benefit from reading. If you would like to write information about yourself and your own history, use your appropriate User: page. Also, don't pollute the global space (no Username redirect to User:Username). Famous Tibians are an exemption to this rule. Use your own judgment as to who would be considered famous, or ask a sysop. This rule also applies to guilds.
  6. No Nonsensical Articles Articles should be strictly about actual in-game content; no nonsense made-up items should appear in the Wiki. When creating a new page, you should be able to authenticate your claim that the item actually exists, etc.
  7. No Inciting Rule Violation Articles should not encourage in-game rule violations, mentioning them is fine provided it has a neutral or negative point of view. If in doubt, ask a sysop.
  8. No Links to Illegal Sites Articles should not have links to sites which promote illegal content (cheats, Open Tibia servers etc.) or sites which were removed from the fansite programme (like Tibia.pl).
  9. Adhere to user page guidelines The user page guidelines suggest that you avoid blatant advertising, including external sites and some in-game things. (more...)


Users who feel that they have been punished unfairly may appeal their punishment. The following describes steps to appeal a block.

  • Go to Your Talk Page.
  • Go into edit mode.
  • Add the Unblock template to the bottom of it with a description of why you believe this punishment was unfair.
  • Wait for an administrator to investigate your appeal.

If you are unsatisfied with your appeal you can either continue communicating with the administrator on your talk page or you can appeal directly to Fandom.