A lot of pages on TibiaWiki have infobox templates and are about a certain item, object, spell, rune, NPC or something like that. Below those you can find page overview tables, which can use a revamp for the following reasons:

  • standardizing lay out makes them look better and easier to maintain;
  • most are coded 5 years ago and use old html, almost no css for styling;

Page overview tables


Template(s) Used by Replaced by Merge status
Achievement List, Header 0 Achievement List Yes Check
Item List, Header 0 ItemList, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Ammo List, Header 0 Ammo Yes Check
Loot List, Header 0 Loot Yes Check
Lootrook List, Header 0 Lootrook Yes Check
Food List, Header 0 Food Yes Check
Food2 List, Header 0 Food2 Yes Check
Weapon List, Header 0 Weapon Yes Check
NPC List, Header 0 NPCList, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Object List, Header 0 ObjectList, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Creature List, Header 0 CreatureList, Summon, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Spell List, Header 0 none Yes Check
Book List, Header 0 BookList, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Quest List, Header 0 QuestList, Table, List/Sorted Yes Check
Quest List Completed, Quest Completion Header 0 Completed Yes Check



A lot of Template:DPLPARM <something>.table/tablerow/include use inline css. Would be easier to give them a class too. So remove all styling but use the class "dpl" instead. There are probably more custom lists of DPL (like Backpacks) apart from these lists.


Idea is to:

  • remove all html styling code in favor of CSS
  • apply classes which are defined in MediaWiki:Common.css instead of inline css (advantage: changing a color would only require one edit, instead of multiple)
  • apply new types of lists

See also: TibiaWiki:Projects

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