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This page describes a big project with the goal to list wares traded by NPCs in a more convenient way. Everybody who wants can contribute to this project. The initiator is User:Sixorish. If you have any questions, leave them on the talkpage of this project page. The main benefit is when e.g. the price of an item is changed it only needs to be changed on the item page and all NPCs selling or buying this item will automatically list the updated price.

See /Progress for the progress of this project.

NPCs who trade Items

For this section of the project the following template pages are used:

To use them on a NPC page either use:

{{Price to Sell |Battle Axe |Axe }} <!-- if the player sells to the NPC -->
{{Price to Buy |Battle Axe |Axe }} <!-- if the player buys from the NPC -->

Or when there are exceptions (i.e. Item1 is not the best value you can get), use:

{{Price to Sell |Battle Axe: 20 |Axe: 2 }} <!-- if the player sells to the NPC -->
{{Price to Buy |Battle Axe: 420 |Axe: 50 }} <!-- if the player buys from the NPC -->

If there are notes, the page Template:NPC Trades/Notes needs to mention them with a unique ID. For instance,


Will appear in Rashid's trade notes column. You can set additional notes with a unique ID:

|High Guard Flag;tomes-1

The unique IDs need to be also placed on Template:NPC Trades/Notes.

The notes' IDs (instead of using your own notes) are intended to get around a limitation of the string functions (maximum amount of characters is 1000), which is a security measure against DoS attacks because of the inefficiency of using them. However, if a notes ID is not specified your notes will appear as normal. Keep in mind though that there still is a 1000 character restriction. Use an identifier if possible.

{{Price to Buy |Banana;Only after completing [[The Ape City Quest]] }}
Item   Value
Banana 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink2

NPCs who teach Spells

Example NPC for premium knight spells: Thorwulf.

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