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This project enabled all NPCs pages to have a sidebar to the right of the infobox, containing other NPCs in the city/village/place they are. To enable this the city parameter must be added to all NPC pages.

Note: this should be the same as its entry (if any) on Template:NPC Trades/City (check source). This means the following, allowed city parameter values are:

  • Ab'Dendriel
  • Ankrahmun
  • Carlin
  • Darashia
  • Edron
  • Farmine
  • Gnomegate
  • Gray Beach
  • Island of Destiny
  • Kazordoon
  • Liberty Bay
  • Meluna
  • Port Hope
  • Rookgaard
  • Svargrond
  • Thais
  • Travora
  • Varies
  • Venore
  • Yalahar

The following 20 template pages hold DPL code for the sidebars.