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1 (done by Bennie)

Edit Drefia

Edit TibiaWiki:Bug_reports

Edit Ice_Islands

Edit Venore

Edit The_Oracle

Edit Cipfried

Edit Blind_Orc

Edit Rookgaard_Bear_Cave

Edit Hyacinth

2 (done by Beejay)

Edit Al_Dee

Edit Lee'Delle

Edit Jakundaf_Desert

Edit Hero_Cave

Edit Witch

Edit Ankrahmun

Edit Darashia

Edit Swamp_Troll

Edit Dalbrect

Edit Orc_Language

Edit Cyclopolis

Edit Folda

Edit Eremo

Edit Giant_Spider

Edit Kazordoon

Edit Shadowthorn

Edit Blessings

Edit Mount_Sternum

Edit Femor_Hills

3 (done by Beejay)

Edit Ulderek's_Rock

Edit Fibula

Edit Outlaw_Camp

Edit Plains_of_Havoc

Edit Amber

Edit Tom

Edit Seymour

Edit Willie

Edit Billy

Edit Kazzan

Edit Avar_Tar

Edit Aruda

Edit Viking_Helmet

Edit Sam

Edit Edron_Goblin_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Lily

Edit Dragon_Corpse_Quest/Spoiler

Edit The_Desert_Dungeon_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Isle_of_Solitude

4 (done by Beejay)

Edit Demona

Edit Dallheim

Edit Short_Sword_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ancient_Temple

Edit King_Tibianus

Edit Life_Ring_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Fanfare_Quest/Spoiler

Edit The_Postman_Missions_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Queen_Eloise

Edit Green_Mushroom

Edit Ab'Dendriel_Library

Edit Salmon

Edit Dark_Pyramid

Edit Benjamin

Edit Olrik

Edit Chrystal

Edit Jakahr

Edit Legola

Edit Perac

5 (done by Beejay)

Edit Liane

Edit Eva

Edit Rowenna

Edit Cornelia

Edit Sarina

Edit Lector

Edit Rachel

Edit Tibra

Edit Dario

Edit Captain_Sinbeard

Edit Willard

Edit Rudolph

Edit Gorn

Edit Beatrice

Edit Katana_Quest

Edit Tarantula

Edit Quero

Edit Port_Hope

Edit Thais_Lighthouse_Quest/Spoiler

6 (done by Beejay)

Edit Orshabaal

Edit Hydra

Edit Spike_Sword_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Dark_Cathedral

Edit Tiquanda

Edit Azil

Edit Hardek

Edit Habdel

Edit Norbert

Edit Gamel

Edit The_Outlaw_Camp_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Troll_Cave_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Fields_of_Glory

Edit Pick_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Studded_Legs_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Mailbox

Edit Small_Health_Potion_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Circle_Room_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Scale_Armor_Quest/Spoiler

7 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Cormaya

Edit The_Paradox_Tower_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Saw

Edit Shadow_Herb

Edit Triangle_Tower_Quest/Spoiler

Edit White_Pearl_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Isle_of_the_Kings

Edit Talk:Isle_of_the_Kings

Edit The_White_Raven_Monastery_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Power_Ring_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Dead_Archer_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Kevin

Edit Skull_of_Ratha_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Lizard_Templar

Edit Iron_Hammer_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Giant_Smithhammer_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Silver_Brooch_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Elephant

Edit Dark_Armor_Quest/Spoiler

8 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Geomancer_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Desert_Dungeon

Edit Green_Claw_Swamp

Edit Elvenbane

Edit Triangle_Tower

Edit Padreia

Edit Alia

Edit Norma

Edit Bambi_Bonecrusher

Edit Blossom_Bonecrusher

Edit Busty_Bonecrusher

Edit Trisha

Edit Dove

Edit Loui

Edit Edala

Edit Stealth_Ring_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ishebad

Edit Tothdral

Edit Razan

9 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Hofech

Edit Rapier_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Wally

Edit Postal_Service_Headquarters

Edit Key_5010

Edit Fibula_Dungeon

Edit Aneus

Edit Northport

Edit Nielson

Edit Shauna

Edit Lea

Edit Captain_Greyhound

Edit Fenbala

Edit Barbara

Edit Phillip

Edit Nydala

Edit The_Djinn_War_-_Marid_Faction/Spoiler

Edit The_Djinn_War_-_Efreet_Faction/Spoiler

Edit The_Spiritual_Shielding

10 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit The_Embrace_of_Tibia

Edit The_Fire_of_the_Suns

Edit The_Wisdom_of_Solitude

Edit The_Gatekeeper

Edit Combat_Knife_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Sandra

Edit Puffels

Edit Dermot

Edit Pino

Edit Oldrak

Edit Donald_McRonald

Edit Halif

Edit Xodet

Edit Mugluf

Edit Omur

Edit Ishina

Edit Edoch

Edit Baxter

Edit Chemar

11 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Simon_the_Beggar

Edit Longsword_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Panpipe_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Captain_Iglues_Treasure_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Throwing_Star_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Orc_Shaman_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Dabui

Edit Zerbrus

Edit Timur

Edit Marvik

Edit Black_Knight's_Villa

Edit Spider_Bridge

Edit Elephant_Tusk_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Mintwallin_Cyclops_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Studded_Shield_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Fire_Axe_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Petros

Edit Captain_Seagull

Edit Captain_Fearless

12 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Captain_Bluebear

Edit Captain_Seahorse

Edit Amanda

Edit Daniel_Steelsoul

Edit Bonifacius

Edit Anderson

Edit Svenson

Edit Mirabell

Edit Iwan

Edit Ursula

Edit Gundralph

Edit Zoltan

Edit Luna

Edit Thomas

Edit Alexander

Edit James

Edit Albert

Edit Falk

Edit Crusader_Helmet_Quest/Spoiler

13 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Time_Ring_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Medusa_Shield_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Alawar's_Vault_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Brodrosch

Edit Muzir

Edit Suzy

Edit Tandros

Edit Brengus

Edit Ferks

Edit Miraia

Edit Frodo

Edit Katana_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Asima

Edit Kasmir

Edit Morun

Edit Isimov

Edit Wasp_Tower

Edit The_Ancient_Tombs_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Gamon

14 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Topsy

Edit Turvy

Edit Bozo

Edit Harkath_Bloodblade

Edit Chester_Kahs

Edit Lorbas

Edit Oswald

Edit Partos

Edit Carlson

Edit Imbul

Edit Old_Adall

Edit Lorek

Edit Perod

Edit Arito

Edit Feizuhl

Edit Talk:Plains_of_Havoc

Edit Ukea

Edit Edvard

Edit Lubo

15 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Behemoth_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Angus

Edit Voodoo_Doll_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ahmet

Edit Yberius

Edit Brewster

Edit Maealil

Edit Quentin

Edit Carina

Edit Hoggle

Edit Asrak

Edit Hugo

Edit Anerui

Edit Brasith

Edit Elvith

Edit Eroth

Edit Faluae

Edit Irea

Edit Roderick

16 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Shiriel

Edit A_Sweaty_Cyclops

Edit Ormuhn

Edit Rahkem

Edit Yoem

Edit Ulrik

Edit Adrenius

Edit Duria

Edit Clark

Edit Clyde

Edit Hairycles

Edit Helor

Edit Myra

Edit The_Blind_Prophet

Edit Uso

Edit Ustan

Edit Elane

Edit Gregor

Edit Hanna

17 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Lynda

Edit Muriel

Edit Robin

Edit Sherry_McRonald

Edit Wyat

Edit Mal'ouquah

Edit Ashta'daramai

Edit Dworcs

Edit Present_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Tiquanda/Trapwood

Edit Chor

Edit Devil_Helmet_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Forbidden_Lands

Edit Devourer

Edit Plague_Spike

Edit Black_Knight_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Mad_Mage_Room_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Iron_Helmet_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Paradox_Tower

18 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Noodles_Academy_of_Modern_Magic

Edit Key_3350

Edit Blood_Herb_Quest/Spoiler

Edit The_Ape_City_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Route:Level_1

Edit Isle_of_the_Mists

Edit Route:Hellgate

Edit Tarpit_Tomb

Edit Stone_Tomb

Edit Shadow_Tomb

Edit Peninsula_Tomb

Edit Mountain_Tomb

Edit Ancient_Ruins_Tomb

Edit Oasis_Tomb

Edit Ankrahmun_Library_Tomb

Edit Snake_Eye

Edit User:Diggersmith/Sandbox

Edit Venore_Dragon_Lair

Edit Griffin_Shield_Quest/Spoiler

19 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Larva_Caves

Edit Six_Rubies_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Carlin_Graveyard

Edit Game_Rooms

Edit White_Flower_Temple

Edit Draconia

Edit Budrik

Edit Route:Mintwallin

Edit Mortimer

Edit Parchment_Room_Quest/Spoiler

Edit User:Mathias/Mathias_Bynens

Edit Villages

Edit Edowir

Edit User:Pietertje/Pitta_Baainens

Edit Naginata_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Warriors_Guildhall

Edit Demon_Helmet_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Spiritkeep

Edit User:Thomas_Del_Cid

20 (done by Bennie)

Edit Riverspring

Edit Red_Legion

Edit Thais_Graveyard

Edit Plains_of_Havoc_Graveyard

Edit Mintwallin_Graveyard

Edit Fibula_Dungeon_Graveyard

Edit Northport_Graveyard

Edit Crystal_Wand_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Single_Graves

Edit Ornamented_Shield_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Coastwood_1

Edit Coastwood_2

Edit Coastwood_3

Edit Paradox_Tower_Library

Edit Goblin_Temple_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ab'Dendriel_Clanhall

Edit Swamp_Watch

Edit Void

Edit Isle_of_the_Mists_Quest/Spoiler

21 (done by Bennie)

Edit Power_Bolts_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Plains_of_Havoc_Library

Edit Bloodhall

Edit Guildhall_of_the_Red_Rose

Edit User:El_Bandano/Paul_Denton

Edit Goroma

Edit Laguna_Islands

Edit Liberty_Bay

Edit Nargor

Edit Treasure_Island

Edit Malada

Edit Beggar_Outfits_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Barbarian_Outfits_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Wizard_Outfits_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Assassin_Outfits_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ceiron

Edit Druid_Outfits_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Vescu

Edit Fiona

22 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Tiquandas_Revenge

Edit Samir

Edit Bron

Edit Ajax

Edit Coastwood_4

Edit Coastwood_5

Edit Coastwood_7

Edit Coastwood_8

Edit Coastwood_9

Edit Calcanea

Edit Great_Willow_1a

Edit Great_Willow_1b

Edit Great_Willow_1c

Edit Great_Willow_2a

Edit Great_Willow_2d

Edit Great_Willow_2c

Edit Great_Willow_2b

Edit Great_Willow_3a

Edit Great_Willow_3b

23 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Great_Willow_3c

Edit Great_Willow_3d

Edit Great_Willow_4a

Edit Great_Willow_4d

Edit Dark_Mansion

Edit Druid_Outfits_Quest_on_Rook/Spoiler

Edit Citizen_Outfits_Quest_on_Rook/Spoiler

Edit Talahu

Edit Ramoa

Edit Small_Trunk

Edit Thick_Trunk

Edit Cult_Cave

Edit A_Majestic_Warwolf

Edit Steel_Helmet_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Serpentine_Tower

Edit Uthemath_II

Edit Harrah_I

Edit Horakhal

Edit Ramen_Tah

24 (Done by Rowane)

Edit The_Hideout

Edit Shadow_Towers

Edit Ab'Dendriel_Elf_Cave

Edit Great_Pyramid

Edit Ghoul_Hill

Edit The_Great_Ankrahmunian_Escape_(Book)

Edit Suntower_(Blessing)

Edit Ankrahmun_Dragon_Lairs

Edit A_Ghostly_Woman

Edit An_Apparition

Edit Bank

Edit Dusalk's_Troll_Clan_Cave

Edit Wyvern

Edit Orc_Peninsula

Edit The_Pits_of_Inferno_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ab'Dendriel_Slimes_Cave

Edit Ruprecht

Edit Dreamer's_Challenge_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Paulie

25 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Christmas_Bakery

Edit Steamship

Edit Castle_of_the_White_Dragon

Edit Swamp

Edit Talk:Outlaw_Camp

Edit TibiaWiki:Featured_Article/Week_12,_2007

Edit Thais_Lighthouse

Edit TibiaWiki:Featured_Article/Week_13,_2007

Edit Poison_Daggers_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Shaman_Treasure_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Northport_Clanhall

Edit Senja_Clanhall

Edit Carlin_Clanhall

Edit Moonkeep

Edit Nordic_Stronghold

Edit House_of_Recreation

Edit Seawatch

Edit Darashia,_Western_Guildhall

Edit Darashia,_Eastern_Guildhall

26 Done by Rowane

Edit Lonely_Sea_Side_Hostel

Edit Darashia_Rotworm_Caves

Edit Svargrond

Edit Gelagos

Edit Thais_Bridge

Edit Ragnir

Edit Bittermor

Edit Nibelor

Edit Jotunar

Edit Helheim

Edit Tyrsung

Edit Okolnir

Edit Botham_I_b

Edit Uthemath_I_f

Edit Uthemath_I_b

Edit Formorgar_Glacier

Edit Krimhorn

Edit Flora_and_Fauna_(Book)

Edit Tales_(Book)

27 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Hunting_Sandworms_(Book)

Edit Holy_Book_of_Swamptrolls_(Book)

Edit Rituals_of_Trolls_(Book)

Edit Grossom_Diary_(Book)

Edit Surviving_in_the_Swamp_(Book)

Edit ID_Card_(Book)

Edit Herbs_and_Plants_1_(Book)

Edit Herbs_and_Plants_2_(Book)

Edit Wyrd_Sisters_(Book)

Edit Troll_Bar_(Book)

Edit Imprisoned_Cyclops_(Book)

Edit Tales_of_Tibia_(Book)

Edit Securing_Orc_Forest_Camp_(Book)

Edit Be_Cruel_to_Conquer_(Book)

Edit The_Fox_is_Out_(Book)

Edit Dear_Gesnar_(Book)

Edit This_was_a_Bad_Day_(Book)

Edit Trollbreeding_(Book)

Edit Hjaern

28 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Sven

Edit Iskan

Edit Fynn

Edit Eirik

Edit Sirik

Edit The_Ice_Islands_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Siflind

Edit Nilsor

Edit Buddel

Edit Lurik

Edit Captain_Breezelda

Edit Bertha

Edit Halvar

Edit Dankwart

Edit Janz

Edit Kjesse

Edit Nelly

Edit Fimbul_Shelf_3

Edit Fimbul_Shelf_1

29 (Done by Zielu)

Edit Fimbul_Shelf_2

Edit Fimbul_Shelf_4

Edit Furrier_Quarter_3

Edit Furrier_Quarter_2

Edit Furrier_Quarter_1

Edit Coastwood_10

Edit Great_Willow_4b

Edit Great_Willow_4c

Edit Mangrove_1

Edit Mangrove_2

Edit Mangrove_3

Edit Mangrove_4

Edit Underwood_1

Edit Underwood_2

Edit Underwood_3

Edit Underwood_4

Edit Underwood_5

Edit Underwood_6

Edit Underwood_7

30 (Done by Zielu)

Edit Underwood_8

Edit Underwood_9

Edit Underwood_10

Edit Druids_Retreat_C

Edit Druids_Retreat_D

Edit Druids_Retreat_B

Edit Druids_Retreat_A

Edit Suntower

Edit Coastwood_6_(Shop)

Edit Castle_of_the_Winds

Edit Edron_Orc_Cave

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_3

Edit Route:_Demona

Edit User:Rathgard/Sandbox/Venore

Edit Edron_Dragon_Lair

Edit Daily_Respawns

Edit Unreachable_Locations

Edit Sneeze_Blossom

Edit Bamboo_Fortress

31 (Done by Zielu)

Edit Sandstone_Pillar

Edit The_Travelling_Trader_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Emma

Edit Secret_Service_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Uncle

Edit Pig_(NPC)

Edit Mount_Sternum/Undead_Cave

Edit Nomad_Cave

Edit Grothmok_Tunnel

Edit Kissing_a_Pig_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Magician_Tower

Edit Waterfall_Quest/Spoiler

Edit TibiaWiki:Playground/Infobox_NPC

Edit Botham_III_g

Edit User:Lafajev/Sandbox

Edit Botham_IV_c

Edit Othehothep_III_a

Edit Darashia_8,_Flat_05

Edit Unklath_I_d

32 (done by Sez The Withe)

Edit Botham_I_e

Edit Botham_II_e

Edit Botham_IV_b

Edit Chameken_II

Edit Charsirakh_I_b

Edit Esuph_I

Edit Esuph_IV_c

Edit Oskahl_I_c

Edit Thanah_II_d

Edit Thanah_II_f

Edit Thrarhor_I_d_(Shop)

Edit Uthemath_I_a

Edit Uthemath_I_c

Edit Uthemath_I_d

Edit Uthemath_I_e

Edit Nautic_Observer

Edit Darashia,_Villa

Edit Ring_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Ferumbras_Citadel

33 (Done by Ellotris Guardian)

Edit Earth_Shrine

Edit Demon_Tower

Edit Halls_of_the_Adventurers

Edit Thais_Clanhall

Edit Marble_Guildhall

Edit Wolftower

Edit Against_the_Spider_Cult_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Arito's_Task_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Koshei_The_Deathless_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Nomads_Land_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Rest_in_Hallowed_Ground_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Steal_From_Thieves_Quest/Spoiler

Edit To_Blind_the_Enemy_Quest/Spoiler

Edit To_Outfox_a_Fox_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Tower_Defence_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Edron_Libraries

Edit Hoaxette

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_4b_(Shop)

Edit Knight_Statue/History

34 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Cyclops_Camp

Edit Autowalking

Edit Port_Hope_Swamp_Trolls

Edit Amazon_Tower

Edit Training_Dummy

Edit Rosemarie

Edit Plains_of_Havoc/Dragon_Lair

Edit Wyrm

Edit Wisp

Edit Captain_Haba

Edit Lailene

Edit Troll_Sabotage_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Sir_Valorcrest

Edit Black_Bert

Edit Machinery_of_War_Quest/Spoiler

Edit Guide_Alexena

Edit Yaga_the_Crone

Edit Percybald

Edit Storkus

35 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Smuggler_Baron_Silvertoe

Edit The_Big_Bad_One

Edit Tiquanda/Dwarf_Cave

Edit Edron_Bog_Raider_Cave

Edit Edron_Wyvern_Hill

Edit Route:Edron_Bog_Raider_Cave

Edit Edron_Rotworm_Cave

Edit Darashia_Wyrm_Hill

Edit Thais_Bat_Dungeon

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_6

Edit Edron_Troll_Cave

Edit Edron_Goblin_Cave

Edit Talk:Sacrificial_Stone

Edit User:Temahk/Sandbox5

Edit Darashia_2,_Flat_18

Edit Darashia_7,_Flat_03

Edit Smoke

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_1

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_2

36 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_4a_(Shop)

Edit Haggler's_Hangout_5_(Shop)

Edit Treasure_Rooms

Edit Talk:The_Mutated_Pumpkin

Edit Tiquanda/Tarantula_Caves

Edit Yalahar

Edit Trade_Quarter

Edit Foreigner_Quarter

Edit Factory_Quarter

Edit Alchemist_Quarter

Edit Cemetery_Quarter

Edit Magician_Quarter

Edit Sunken_Quarter

Edit Arena_and_Zoo_Quarter

Edit Fenrock

Edit Vengoth

Edit Mistrock

Edit Julius

Edit Florentine

37 (Done by Rowane)

Edit Towncryer