King Tibianus King Tibianus (Monarch)
Location: Rain Castle, throne room.
Notes: King Tibianus is the sixth king of the Thaian kingdom, after succeeding his father Xenom. He is a direct descendant of Banor, the first human. King Tibianus has the power to promote worthy adventurers. Greet him by saying Hail (to the beloved) King or Hello King or else he will ignore you. If you swear at him his guards will attack you leaving you with only 1 Hitpoint. He claims to buy the Excalibug, though its existence is unproven. His dog Noodles is known as the best sniffer dog in the kingdom.

He may be an allusion to the roman emperor Tiberius III.

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Part of the Isle of Evil Quest and The New Frontier Quest. He also gives you a leash as part of the Noodles is Gone Mini World Change.
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