Edala Edala (Sage)
Location: Suntower near Ab'Dendriel
Notes: Sells one of the five coveted Blessings available in Tibia.
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  • Take a Lyre and visit Edala (top floor of the Suntower near Ab'dendriel).
  • Play the Lyre while standing in front of Edala and the next thing you should do is say "Hi" to her.
  • Edala will say she is pleased you are taking an interest in music.
  • Now wait 24 hours (1 day) and repeat exactly what you have just done. Each day Edala will say something different in response to you playing the Lyre for her, each progressively less amicable than the last. Until, the 6th day when Edala is tired of hearing you play and offers you a Diapason to go away.
  • Each character is only able to receive one Diapason.
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