Hagor Hagor (Adventurer)
Location: In the Jakundaf Desert dungeon, 3 levels down.
Notes: Hagor is an explorer and traveler. He wants to explore all of Tibia and discover its secrets. He calls himself "old hunter".

Hagor knows much about the desert, and he mentions its name - the Jakundaf Desert.

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To get to Hagor, go west from the Panpipe Quest and then south to a large room with 4 Fire Devils. Then go down the hole to the east of the room and down another level. Here you'll find Hagor.
Hagor will give you Key 4022 if you give him a Roll.

Player: hi
Hagor: Greetings, adventurer Player. What leads you to me?
Player: Morrin
Hagor: Ah, I remember that man. We made a deal, guess about what.
Player: key
Hagor: Right! We can make the same deal if you give a fresh delicious roll. Do you have any?
Player: yes
Hagor: Oh, fine! Here you are.

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