A Sweaty Cyclops A Sweaty Cyclops (Artisan)
Location: Ab'Dendriel, on the fourth floor of a tower past a small Rotworm cave located below the Wheat Field east of depot in Underwood
Notes: A Sweaty Cyclops is Ab'Dendriel's armorer. He lives in a tower north-east of the depot. His parents lived there before elves settled down there.

Among Cyclopes he is known as Bencthyclthrtrprr. Humans call him Big Ben.

You can reach him through an underground cave and ask him to trade certain weapons; however, he will not accept these items saying that they are not what he is looking for.

He is a smith, so he knows a lot about steel and its kinds: Mesh Kaha Rogh, Za'Kalortith, Uth'Byth, Uth'Morc, Uth'Amon, Uth'Lokr, Uth'Maer, Uth'Doon and Zatragil. You can have him forge certain rare metals from common items, but only by providing the appropriate language.

Looks the same as a Cyclops.

Product Result (language)
Devil Helmet Piece of Hell Steel (Za'Ralator)
Crown Armor Piece of Royal Steel (Uth'Kean)
Dragon Shield Piece of Draconian Steel (Uth'Lokr)
Giant Sword Huge Chunk of Crude Iron (Uth'Prta)
Gear Wheel Iron Ore (trade Iron Ores for Gear Wheels)
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To have him forge metals, you need to do The Sweaty Cyclops Quest.

He is a part of the Koshei The Deathless Quest, The Hidden City of Beregar Quest and the Obsidian Knife Quest.

You can get a Cup of Molten Gold by giving a Gold Ingot to him.
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